Biannual Study Abroad Fair offers opportunities

Jessica Bukielski, News writer

The Office of International Education and other UW schools will help students choose which study abroad trip they might want to go on during the biannual UW Oshkosh Study Abroad Fair.

The Study Abroad Fair will be held on Wednesday, Feb. 27 in the Reeve Union Ballroom, offering more than 80 trips from all around the world. Students can travel to places including Germany, Ireland, Japan and more.

Office of International Education Intern Bryan Gross said the study abroad fair offers trips for all students, even if they are questioning studying abroad.

“If you’re kind of feeling like you want to study abroad and you’re not 100 percent sure, you can see all the trips that we offer,” Gross said.

Gross also said that the fair offers trips for students of all majors.

“If you really just want to get out and study something in your major, we basically offer a class for every major,” Gross said.

UWO student Shannon Goltz said there are many opportunities for students to go on trips even if they aren’t available at certain times of the year.

“There were different trips whether they were a full semester or three weeks for a summer trip,” Goltz said. “They had all different options for times.”

UWO student Ally Golata, who studied abroad in London, said the professors for her trips were very knowledgeable about the trips and that they often let students explore on their own.

“I really liked how you could go at your own pace for things,” Golata said. “It was nice to do stuff that isn’t in the typical itinerary.”

Golata said that she highly recommends studying abroad to every student even if it’s something that they might not be interested in at first.

“I feel like no other experience will really match it,” Golata said. “You can vacation on your own, but you’ll never have the amazing resource of a professor that’s just so knowledgeable and passionate about the place that you’re going to.”