HERstory Month lifts up women throughout campus with narratives

Kaitlyn Scoville, News writer

UW Oshkosh is celebrating HERstory Month throughout March and the end of February to honor and increase the visibility of female-identifying individuals on campus.

In honor of Women’s HERstory Month, there will be multiple events throughout the month of March, including the Titan LeadHERship Conference, the webinar “Women Who Lead: Supporting Our Female Students Now and in the Future” and a speech presented by Patsy Mink, titled “Ahead of the Majority.”

According to the Director of the Women’s Center Alicia Johnson, the purpose of HERstory Month is to lift up and support women on campus by sharing their stories.

“Women’s HERstory Month is an opportunity to really center and amplify women’s voices,” Johnson said. “We need to think about the historical neglect of women in history.”

Women’s HERstory Month at UWO is co-sponsored by 21 organizations and programs including Women’s Advocacy Council (WAC), Women’s Center, Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Black Student Union, Social Justice Club and National Society of Leadership and Success.

Civil Rights activist Dr. Angela Yvonne Davis will be speaking in Reeve Memorial Union Ballroom today at 5 p.m. to kick off UW Oshkosh’s celebration of HERstory month.

With the chosen theme of Women’s HERstory Month being No Shades, No Bounds: Justice for Women of Color, Davis will be speaking on the lack thereof.

Sisterhood President Brianna Langs said they really wanted to have a speaker that proved their points.

“No matter your color, no matter your sexual orientation, really what intersectionality you may have, there should not be any boundaries in place for you,” Langs said.

According to the Oxford African American Studies Center (OAASC), Davis is internationally recognized as a leader in movements for peace, social justice, national liberation and women’s equality.

With over 600 people planning to attend the event, Reeve will be utilizing multiple rooms to stream Davis’ speech.

Johnson said intersectionality was a large point of discussion, being that it is present on our campus.

“It is important that we are making sure that we are recognizing diversity of women’s voices and that we are being inclusive and intersectional,” Johnson said.

Langs said at the end of the day, people need to realize others are dealing with a lot of issues, and they may not notice the boundaries that are in place for their peers.

“Really sitting down and looking at some of the issues that women face, and then some of the issues that women of color face, and then look further into other intersectionality groups,” Langs said. “Start joining events for your own education.”

Langs also mentioned that creating a unique space for those who have been through similar situations, attending events and educating oneself is important for creating change in a community such as the Oshkosh campus.

“We need to open the conversation so that you can be an advocate,” Langs said. “So you can really not create boundaries for your peers as well.”

Sisterhood is also hosting another event for Women’s HERstory Month: a multicultural women’s panel: No Shades, No Bounds. The event will be taking place March 12 at 5 p.m. in Reeve Union Theatre room 307.