Students raising green for change

Jack Tierney, Editor in Chief

Two UW Oshkosh political science students have started a campaign to plant 50 trees throughout Oshkosh in hopes of inspiring other students to do their part in the battle against climate change.

Sophomores Ethan Watt and Grant Steffen said they organized a fundraiser for their campaign and reached half their goal within 12 hours. The students said they are trying to get the word out about their initiative so they can help to slow climate change and mitigate further damage.

“We’re happy with what we have done so far, but our goal is to hit the fundraising mark so that we can plant these trees throughout campus and the City of Oshkosh,” Watt said.

The students’ goal is to plant 50 sapling trees, which Steffen said are about $8 each and produce a quarter of the general oxygen needed for an adult male.

Watt and Steffen are waiting on city and campus approval to begin planting the trees. The students said they are open to the possibility of planting different species of trees that the university or city might want to plant.

Those who want to contribute to the “Help Revitalize the Earth’s Trees” initiative can visit the GoFundMe page at

“We know we are not going to change the world by planting 50 trees,” Steffen said, “but we want to inspire others in our community to take action and help prevent climate change.”