UW Oshkosh seeks to increase international enrollment with new partnership

Lexi Wojcik-Kretchmer, News Writer

The number of international students attending UW Oshkosh is expected to grow as UWO partners with Kings Education, a group that focuses on placing students in international learning environments in the U.S.A and U.K.

Aggie Hanni, the assistant vice chancellor for enrollment management in the Division of Student Affairs, said that Kings Education specializes in international student placement.

“International recruitment focuses on attracting, matriculating and retaining qualified candidates from outside of the U.S. who are interested in the educational opportunities we offer at our three campus locations,” Hanni said.

International students are chosen through a competitive application process created by UWO and Kings Education. Once students reach UWO campuses, they are welcomed and integrated into campus life with tutoring provided by Kings.

They are also encouraged to join different campus activities to “promote student well-being, encourage integration into the host community and provide opportunities for international and domestic students to interact,” Hanni said.

Hanni describes the goal of international student recruitment as providing greater access to degrees at UWO for qualified candidates.

“[We also aim to] increase the opportunity for our domestic students to engage with international students to a greater degree which is aligned with UWO’s strategic priorities,” Hanni said.

The Global Buddy Program, an initiative to partner a domestic student from UWO with an international student to help them connect with the campus community and the city of Oshkosh.

It also exposes domestic students to other cultures without having to travel.

International students have access to all UWO student support services such as Project Success, tutoring, Titan Advantage support services and more.

UWO is hoping to gain about 270 students to the home campus, as well as Fond du Lac and Fox Cities campuses in the years to come.