Voter online registration deadline approaching

Amber Brockman, News Editor

The Wisconsin General Election is on Nov. 3, and for those on college campuses like UW Oshkosh being registered to vote is a must, according to James Kruger, UW Oshkosh associate professor of political science.

Kruger, an expert on voter registration, says one of the big things for students to know is that if they voted in the 2018 election, they are ready to vote again in this year’s election.

“You will still have to show proof of ID when you get to the polls, but you will not have to re-register unless you have changed your address,” Kruger said.

Kruger says students will have to make a decision on where to vote. It has to be between the university they go to or their hometown.

“Students are in a bit of a bind here on our campus and every other campus, because they have to make the choice of whether they want to vote at their permanent address or if they want to vote at their campus address,” he said.

“They cannot vote at both; that’s fraud — don’t do that. But you do have the option to vote at whichever one you choose. So if you have recently voted at your permanent address, you would not need to re-register if you are voting at your permanent address again.”

For those interested in voting in Oshkosh, Krueger says re-registering in the city is beneficial since it can impact city council, which in turn could change laws involving those living off-campus.

There is a three week period before the election where residents are not able to register online, so students looking to register online must do so by Oct. 14.

Voters can also register to vote by mail until Oct. 14, but even after the deadline, voters are still able to register on election day. To register online go to