What’s on the ballot in Oshkosh

Sophia Voight, Asst. News Editor

Election Day is only five days out, and while media attention swirls around Donald Trump and Joe Biden, Oshkosh residents will also see state and local races on their ballot Nov. 3.

On the state level, you will get to decide between incumbent Glenn Grothman and challenger Democrat Jessica King for U.S. Representative. Several other statewide races are on the ballot.

Among them: the contest for state senator between Sen. Dan Feyen and recent UW Oshkosh graduate Aaron Wojciechowski, and state assembly representatives Rep. Gordon Hintz and political newcomer Don Herman. On the county level many positions run unopposed, but you’ll still get to vote for your district attorney, county clerk, treasurer and register of deeds.

Whether you are planning to vote absentee, early inperson or on election night, here is a guide to the elections and their candidates you’ll see on your ballot if you live in Oshkosh.

Representative in Congress District 6
Every seat in the House of Representatives is up this year and in Wisconsin’s 6th congressional district, in which Oshkosh lies, voters will have the choice between Democrat Jessica King and Republican Glenn Grothman. King is challenging incumbent Grothman, who has held the seat for the past five years, not to mention a district that has held Republican control since the 1960s.

Wisconsin has eight representatives in congress. The sixth district is composed of Sheboygan, Ozaukee, Manitowoc, Fond du Lac, Marquette, Columbia, Green Lake and Waushara counties and parts of Winnebago, Milwaukee and Dodge counties.

JESSICA J. KING (Democratic)
King previously represented the 18th State Senate district from 2011-2013. Prior to that King served on the Oshkosh Common Council in 2007. She is currently vice president of a company representing hospitals and patients against health insurance companies.

According to her campaign, healthcare is King’s top priority. King is advocating for policies that expand universal healthcare coverage and make prescriptions affordable. Her campaign states she is pushing for a more sustainable future. This includes working to preserve natural public space and waterways as well as incentivizing clean and renewable energy production.

You can find out more information on King by visiting her campaign site at jessicakingforwisconsin.com.

GLENN GROTHMAN (Republican – Incumbent)
Grothman is serving his third congressional term, having represented the district since 2014. In the House of Representatives, Grothman serves on the Committee on Education and the Workforce and Committee on Oversight and Government Reform. Grothman has two decades of experience in the state legislature. Grothman represented the 20th State Senate district from 2004-2014 and the 58th State Assembly district from 1994-2004.

Grothman is running his campaign on improving economic conditions in the state and protecting manufacturing jobs in the nation. Grothman advocates for cutting business regulations to keep jobs in the nation. His campaign is also prioritizing regulating the immigration system to prevent illegal immigration.

You can find out more information on Grothman by visiting his campaign site at glenngrothman.com or his government site at grothman.house.gov.

State Senator District 18
Oshkosh lies in the 18th Senate district of the Wisconsin legislature where the Republican incumbent Dan Feyen is facing challenger, recent UW Oshkosh graduate Democrat Aaron Wojciechowski. Wisconsin has 33 State Senators who are elected over four-year terms. State legislators serve a duty similar to the U.S. Senate of reviewing and voting on legislation passed through the state legislature consisting of the Senate and the Assembly and confirming gubernatorial appointments.

Wojchiechowski graduated from UW Oshkosh in December 2019 with degrees in economics and political science. He also served on the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors for two terms between 2016 and 2020.

Wojchiechowski told Vote411 that he will work to make healthcare more accessible, create a sustainable economy and ensure public schools are well-funded. Wojchiechowski said one of his top priorities is economic recovery from the pandemic by ensuring unemployment benefits and aid to businesses.

His campaign said he wants to work to create affordable and accessible healthcare through expanding Medicaid and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

You can learn more about Aaron Wojciechowski at his campaign site wojoforwi.com.

DAN FEYEN (Republican – Incumbent)
Feyen is seeking his second term in the senate district where he serves as the Senate Assistant Majority Leader and chair of the Senate Committee on Economic Development, Commerce and Trade. He previously served on Fond du Lac’s Parks Advisory Board for nine years.

Feyen is campaigning around the promise of supporting law enforcement, investing in healthcare and protecting the community. Feyen’s campaign promised to support police officers amid cries of defunding the police, citing how he helped to pass legislation to protect domestic abuse victims and increase penalties for drunk drivers.

You can learn more about Dan Feyen at his campaign site feyenforsenate.com.

Representative to the Assembly District 54
The State Assembly is the lower house of the Wisconsin Legislature consisting of 99 assembly seats. The 54th district covers the boundaries around the city of Oshkosh. State representatives are responsible for creating and voting on laws and establishing a state budget. Representatives are elected for two-year terms so all 99 seats are up for election.

This year Republican Donny Herman is up against Democratic incumbent Gordon Hintz, who’s held the seat for over a decade.

GORDON HINTZ (Democratic – Incumbent)
Hintz was first elected to the State Assembly in 2006 and has served seven terms. He currently serves as the Assembly minority leader for the Democratic party.

Hintz told the Oshkosh Northwestern that the coronavirus impact is his top priority in this race. His campaign said he wants to keep healthcare costs down, provide coverage for those impacted by COVID-19 and speed up unemployment payments.

DONNIE HERMAN (Republican)
Herman is a local business owner who chose to run for representative to bring a small business and “common sense” voice to the state legislature.

Herman told the Northwestern that his two biggest issues going into this election are eliminating wasteful government spending on welfare programs and reviving the economic downturn caused by the pandemic through supporting small businesses.

Winnebago County District Attorney
CHRISTIAN GOSSETT (Republican – Incumbent)
Republican Christian Gossett is the only candidate running for the county district attorney. In fact, only six of Wisconsin’s 72 counties have contested races in November. Lack of opponents for DA is actually a trend in Wisconsin and many other states. A 2018 analysis of DA races by the Appeal found that only 23 Wisconsin counties had contested races in 2016.

A District attorney’s duties typically include reviewing police arrest reports, deciding whether to file criminal charges against people who have been arrested and prosecuting criminal cases in court. Each county has one district attorney who supervises the entire DA’s office. Gossett was elected to the position in 2006 and oversees a staff of 27 employees.

Winnebago County Clerk
SUSAN ERTMER (Republican – Incumbent)
Winnebago County Clerk Susan Ertmer is also running uncontested this year. Ertmer has served as county clerk since 1998. She also served as deputy county clerk for 15 years prior.

The county clerk wears a number of hats from the recorder of the county to the chief election officer. County clerks are responsible for maintaining records for the county, including birth, death and marriage certificates, resolutions and ordinances on behalf of the County Board of Supervisors. They also issue and distribute licenses as well as provide clerical assistance to the county.

A major role of the county clerk is the administration of elections. The county clerk is in charge of receiving nominations for elections, preparing ballots, procuring and maintaining voting machines and recruiting and training poll workers.

Winnebago County Treasurer
MARY KRUEGER (Republican – Incumbent)
The county treasurer is another uncontested race on this year’s ballot. Republican Mary Krueger is running for reelection and has been the Winnebago county treasurer for the past 20 years, having served five four-year terms.

County treasurers are in charge of collecting taxes and maintaining financial records. They organize the collection of property tax and pay fees for licenses, fines, and forfeitures to the state. The county’s treasurer’s office is responsible for keeping a detailed account of all money received and all money disbursed for the county. They invest county funds that aren’t needed for any immediate expenditures. The treasurer essentially acts as the county’s banker.

Register of Deeds
The register of deeds office files, records and issues documents for the community. These include things like land contracts, mortgages, military discharges and birth, death and marriage certificates. Their role in the county government is to provide archival storage for these documents and provide the public with easy access to them.

This year county Register of Deeds Natalie Strohmeyer faces political newcomer Seth Reid. Strohmeyer (R) has worked as a register of deeds for almost 40 years while independent candidate Reid is a local business owner and has 20 years of data security experience.

NATALIE STROHMEYER (Republican – Incumbent)
Strohmeyer was elected to the Winnebago County register of deeds in 2016, but prior to that, she served as the Outagamie County register of deeds for 34 years.

Strohmeyer told the Oshkosh Northwestern that she’s seeking reelection to continue to provide residents with quality service. Strohmeyer said she is experienced in real-estate records and has worked to optimize office procedures and data accuracy.

SETH REID (Independent)
Reid has two decades of experience working with data security and computer systems and wishes to bring upgraded technology to the office.

Reid chose to run for office after a near-death experience in 2018 inspired him to go after his dream of going into public service. If elected, Reid said he wants to make data systems more user-friendly to the public and upgrade our data security.