UW Oshkosh students react to historic election


Lexi Langendorf, News Writer

Former Vice President Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were unofficially declared president and vice president of the United States on Saturday.

College students, who played a substantial role in the election, have expressed mixed reactions as a result.

Jackson Turner, a sophomore at UW Oshkosh, said he was upset Trump didn’t dominate the election, and that he believes absentee ballot votes threw off the accuracy of the election results.

“I do feel that this election was in some way unfair due to the absentee ballot votes,” Turner said. “I feel like everyone should have voted in person rather than on an absentee form.”

Turner said he therefore supports Trump’s decision to bring the election results to the Supreme Court.

“I think that each state and the Democratic Party should’ve been real with the votes they counted, because that’s what this country needs,” Turner said. “They need to face facts with reality and not nonsense.”

Another sophomore at UWO, Cole Steinhoff, said that he wished voting could’ve been done in person to ensure 100% accuracy and reduce uncertainty.

“I’ve heard a lot of things about President Trump still being able to win through the Supreme Court if evidence allows it,” Steinhoff said. “Hopefully it turns out the way I want it to, but I don’t think we will know for sure for another few weeks.”

Hunter Ward, a senior, said that although he didn’t vote for Joe Biden, he still agrees with the election process.

“We’re a democracy for a reason, and if the American people think Joe Biden is the better candidate, then I’ll support that,” Ward said.

In the upcoming weeks, Ward said he predicts that the Trump administration will undergo multiple investigations regarding voter fraud and whether or not it occurred.

“With that, I think Joe Biden is gonna really get prepared so that once he’s officially president, he can attempt to follow through with his campaign promises,” Ward said.

Jackie Goldman, a junior and member of Alpha Xi Delta, said that she was happy to see the projected outcome of the election after casting her vote for Biden.

“I believe that president-elect Joe Biden will protect and support human rights, combat climate change and treat all people with respect,” Goldman said. “I do not agree with every single one of his views, but I am looking forward to his restoration of compassion and justice in the United States.”

Goldman added that she was extremely proud and excited to see Kamala Harris announced as the 46th vice president of the U.S.

“This is a huge feat for women of color and women in general,” Goldman said. “I hope this is a gateway for more women to be a part of this system.”

Goldman said that she believed it was wrong and immature of Trump to declare himself the winner of the election before a large majority of key votes were counted.

“However, his actions do not surprise me one bit in looking back at his presidency,” Goldman said. “I hope that both sides of the political spectrum can come together to unite this country, and the hate toward one another will cease one day.”

Alyssa Reinke, a senior, said she was excited by the predicted win for president-elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, as they have many policies and views that align directly with hers.

“Even without the official election results, Biden has already started making a taskforce to combat COVID-19,” Reinke said. “He understands that it is a serious issue that needs to be handled immediately.”

Additionally, Reinke said that Biden has made plans to give equality to the LGBTQ community in the first 100 days of office and combat climate change.

“Biden understands that climate change is a real thing and already has plans to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement,” Reinke said.

Reinke added that she predicts President Trump will desperately try to get recounts from states and attempt to create as many lawsuits as possible to try to be reelected.

“The election margins in swing states are too large to be overturned,” Reinke said. “I think many people both in the U.S. and leaders of other nations are ready to wipe their hands of him, as he showed less than professional responses to election results.”

Brianna Turner, a UWO junior, said that she believes that Biden and Harris will be the official President- and Vice President-elects.

“President Trump has no merit behind his accusations of fraud, and, as a country, we have to accept those voted [into office]. That is, regardless of your political affiliation,” Turner said. “I honestly don’t think the recount will be concluded until well past Thanksgiving.”

U.S. election results are not yet official, as several states will recount due to tight margins.
States have until Dec. 8 to settle any disputes over the election results, and Congress will then meet Jan. 6 for a final tally and certification.