UWO campaigns class holds event to raise awareness of national debt crisis


Hannah Scott

Everyone has probably heard at one point or another that the national debt in the U.S. is extremely high, more than $25 trillion if we’re counting. But what does that actually mean?

None of us are being handed a bill for trillions of dollars, so why does it matter?

Up to Us has the answers for you. Up to Us is an organization that educates college students about all things national debt. (Yes, this includes student debt as well.) As it turns out, the national debt does have a direct impact on our own lives, despite how distant and impersonal it may seem.

This semester, the advertising and public relations campaigns classes teamed up to create a campaign for Up to Us. From 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Wednesday, April 7, the groups will host an event in Reeve that will give students an opportunity to be involved in a brief conversation about the organization, receive a small goodie bag and spin a wheel to win a larger prize. These prizes include Amazon, University Books and More, Visa, Target and Starbucks gift cards.

There will also be prizes donated by the University Books and More and local businesses such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Becket’s, Subway, Benvenuto’s, Polito’s Pizza, Toppers and Pilora’s Cafe.