Finals week deals and discounts

Kylie Balk-Yaatenen, Staff Writer

As much as everyone dreads finals week, once again, it approaches.

However, UWO and some of the nearby Oshkosh restaurants are giving out free or discounted stuff to make the week a little more bearable.

In years past, a lot of departments participated in different events, but the pandemic makes having people in small rooms together, especially while eating, harder to accomplish.

Kayla Geiss said in an email that URSH is hosting a study break where people can pick up an activity from the USRH Office located in Reeve.

“The pickup date is Friday, May 7, and the two activity options are mug painting and slime making,” Geiss said.

It is first come first serve and additional information will be sent out to those who filled out an interest form.

Reeve Union is also doing some free events during finals week.

To participate, all students have to bring is a facemask and their Titancards, and the events will go as long as the supplies last.

On Tuesday, May 11 at 9 a.m., the UWO Credit Union in Reeve is encouraging students to come pick up a bag of smart pop popcorn as a healthy way to fuel up for finals.

On Wednesday, May 12, students can go to Reeve Concourse and have tea, hot cocoa and cookies from 7:30 to 9 p.m.

Erberts and Gerberts is doing a promotion for finals week and for $8, students can get an original sandwich, their choice of soft drink, chips and a cookie.

Insomnia Cookies worker Maggie Vacula said that they aren’t doing anything for finals week, however, if students are graduating, they can bring in their cap and gown or any variation of those two things and get a free cookie.

Finals can be stressful, so UWO tries its best to provide events that help make the week more bearable.

For more information about Erbert and Gerberts check out their website

For more information about Reeve Unions events download the app TitanConnection or visit the website