Greek Awards

Lexi Wojcik-Kretchmer, Asst. News Editor

Award Winners

Greek Awards is a way to acknowledge all of the hard work and dedication that all of the sorority and fraternity members have put in throughout the year of 2021.

Angie Zemke, Greek Life adviser, started out the ceremony describing the challenges 2021 brought the community and the ways each and every one of the members overcame those challenges.
“You’ve done the hard work to redefine the Fraternity and Sorority life experience at UW Oshkosh and I could not be more proud of you,” Zemke said. “I stand before you so humbled to be able to work with each and every one of you, even when you like to push my buttons, and cannot wait to celebrate the very hard work you’ve all put in in 2021 to get to where you are.”

Erin Grisham, vice chancellor and Gamma Phi Beta alum spoke about her own sorority journey and all the benefits that came along with it.
“The community is more than the letters we wear…it’s a community of achievement, it’s a community of leadership, it’s really a community of service and that is evident by all of the wonderful work you do here on campus and in the greater Oshkosh community,” Grisham said. “It’s a community of commitment to one another.”

The awards ceremony is made up of individual awards and chapter awards which are applied for and then read by a panel of impartial judges who aren’t affiliated with the Greek community.

Individual Award Winners


Outstanding Greek Scholar
Andrea Colantonio, Zeta Tau Alpha


Philanthropist of the Year
Ashley Hooyman, Alpha Xi Delta



Outstanding Recruitment Counselor

Trinity Oliver, Gamma Phi Beta


Emerging Fraternity Member of the Year
Harrison Saville, Sigma Pi


Emerging Sorority Member of the Year

Jocelyn Tapia, Sigma Sigma Sigma


Fraternity Member of the Year
Grant Steffen, Beta Theta Pi


“I was honored to be named Fraternity Member of the Year,” Steffen, Beta Theta Pi member and current Interfraternity Council (IFC) president, said. “It was nice to know that my dedication and energy that went into my chapter didn’t go unnoticed. I am grateful for my fraternity brothers and advisors that helped me throughout the year to help me grow as individual and as a leader.”

Sorority Member of the Year

Eliza Gullickson, Sigma Sigma Sigma

“It was so heartwarming to see someone thought of me while reading the characteristics of this award,” Gullickson, Sigma Sigma Sigma member and current president, said. On the day of the ceremony, I was listening to the introduction and kept thinking it sounded really familiar. As my dear friend and sister read my name, I immediately started getting emotional. I have worked countless hours as Tri Sigma’s membership recruitment Director by planning events, collaborating with Panhellenic Council (PHC) and organizing formal recruitment on behalf of my sorority. Receiving this honorable award tells me the hard work is absolutely worth it. I was so incredibly happy to see my parents and dear cousin with her husband! It was the cherry on top! At the start of my sorority journey, all I wanted to do was make my sisters and my family proud. I hope I can continue to accomplish that!”


Outstanding Fraternity Senior
Derek Rademacher, Delta Chi

Outstanding Sorority Senior
Lindsay Bons, Alpha Xi Delta


Staff Advisor of the Year
Debbie Gray Patton, Beta Theta Pi

Alumni Advisor of the Year
Tyler Volkert, Beta Theta Pi



Founders Award Winners
Katelyn Collins, Alpha Xi Delta
Justin Lee, Delta Chi
Eliza Gullickson, Sigma Sigma Sigma
Bryce Hansen, Delta Sigma Phi
Alissa Wade, Zeta Tau Alpha
Jack Liddicoat, Delta Sigma Phi
Hannah Osborne, Alpha Xi Delta



Chapter Awards

Chapters of Merit
Sigma Sigma Sigma
Delta Chi


Chapters of Excellence
Alpha Xi Delta
Gamma Phi Beta
Zeta Tau Alpha
Beta Theta Pi
Delta Sigma Phi
Omega Delta Phi


Sorority Chapter of the Year
Zeta Tau Alpha


“Winning chapter of the year meant a lot to me because to me it showed as a leader I can lead others to success and not just my own,” 2021 Zeta Tau Alpha president Liz Wilson said. “You can ask anyone in Zeta, I put a lot of time into my chapter. Zeta’s favorite quote is ‘Love the greatest of all things’ and as President I wanted to live that out. Loving my chapter and encouraging the rest of my leaders to love the chapter. Like anything it wasn’t always easy, and there was a lot of stress. But in the end everything was worth it when we got recognized in front of the whole Greek community for our achievements.”

Fraternity of the Year
Omega Delta Phi

“Despite being faced with a challenging year with virtual classes, meetings, and events, it feels very rewarding to be recognized for going above and beyond to live by our organization’s values,” Eddie Gnewuch, 2021 president said. “We thank our members for their hard work and dedication to serve the Oshkosh community and constantly striving to better themselves in and out of the classroom. We would also like to thank the entire Oshkosh community for supporting us and collaborating with us.”


Excellence in Leadership Development
Alpha Xi Delta


Excellence in Scholarship
Omega Delta Phi


Excellence in Sisterhood/Brotherhood
Zeta Tau Alpha


Excellence in Civic Engagement
Omega Delta Phi


Excellence in Greek Unity
Sigma Sigma Sigma


Outstanding Social Media Presence
Zeta Tau Alpha


Outstanding Philanthropy Program
Omega Delta Phi


Highest GPA – Spring 2021
Alpha Xi Delta, Delta Sigma Phi


Highest GPA – Fall 2021
Alpha Xi Delta, Beta Theta Pi


Most Improved GPA – Fall ‘20 to Spring ‘21
Omega Delta Phi


Most Improved GPA – Spring ‘21 to Fall ‘21
Beta Theta Pi


“Each one of you has the ability to make an impact,” 2022 Panhellenic president Hannah Osborne reminds the entire Greek community. “We challenge you to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. Set goals. Adjust them as you go and never give up.”