Algoma Boulevard reconstruction project starts this week with utility installation 


Josh Fanin/Advance-Titan

Kelly Hueckman, Opinion Editor

The reconstruction of Algoma and Vine streets will begin this week with utility installation in the vacated Blackhawk Street right-of-way, while Algoma Boulevard will be closed to traffic from the beginning of April through June.

Sanitary sewer, water main, storm sewer, and corresponding laterals will be installed, replaced, or repaired, as needed, and electrical work will be completed prior to placing new concrete pavement.

At a recent informational session, City of Oshkosh Engineering Division Manager Justin Gierach said the entirety of Algoma Boulevard will be closed to traffic, but will allow mail deliveries and garbage pickup units to the campus buildings.

“We’re changing High Avenue into a temporary two-way to help traffic run from the campus out of the area,” Gierach said.

The project will affect Algoma from Wisconsin Avenue to Congress Avenue.

Following the project, there will still be a northbound two-lane one-way street as well as a bike lane and a loading zone.

An initial bid of $8.6 million for the project is mainly funded by storm, sanitary and water utility fees, as well as the general tax levy fund, which is used for lighting and pavement construction.

“With all of the ancillary costs and engineering fees included, we are currently up over $10 million,” he said.

Gierach said that the goal is to complete the pavement and landscaping construction by the time the fall 2022 semester starts. However, students should not expect Algoma to be open until the end of November as the city finalizes the project.

Gierach said that the biggest concern from the university is people wondering how they will get to work and where they will park.

Gierach said that the university and the city of Oshkosh are keeping in contact with how life on campus will continue during the construction period.

“It’s going to be a work in progress,” Gierach said. “We will try to address concerns as they arise.”

Still, Gierach said that the university can expect most parking lots to remain open for the majority of construction.

According to the March 4 City Manager weekly newsletter, other expected phases of construction include:

  • High Avenue (Vine Avenue to Osceola Street) – Starts the week of March 14, with three weeks anticipated for utility installation.
  • Vine Avenue (High Avenue to Algoma Boulevard) – Starts the week of March 21, with an anticipated six weeks for utility installation.

Students, staff and faculty can expect construction and traffic restriction email updates from the university as the project nears and can also subscribe to the city of Oshkosh distribution list to stay informed.