Mold cases in dorm rooms usually caused by excessive mildew, dust

Kyra Slakes, Photo Editor

Mold in UW Oshkosh residence halls this semester have been mainly due to leftover food, according to Facilities Management.

Students have been reporting mold in rooms within halls such as Taylor and Horizon over the last few months. However, JoAnn Rife, executive director of Facilities Management, said the university has run more than 40 air tests and only two of them came back positive for mold.

When the mold was investigated, Rife said, it was apparent that food was the source of mold in some cases. However, in most cases, the source of the mold was either a build-up of mildew or a build-up of dust.

If students believe that mold may be present or want to have their rooms checked for mold, they can request a mold check by calling or emailing custodial services (920-424-4405 or ) , or filling out an online work order. Custodial services will then schedule a time that is convenient for the student and they will come and inspect the room. Facilities Management can and will help students by providing information on how to prevent mold, including how to keep the rooms clean and free of any kind of excess moisture. After every semester, the dorms are cleaned and sanitized for the students coming in next semester.

Students feeling sick who think might be due to possible mold or a mold allergen, should call or email the Student Health Services at (920-424-2424 or ). For other concerns, students should contact an RA or a staff member of Residence Life.