Titan Fest allows students to check out student orgs and more


Photo: UWO Flickr — UW Oshkosh students check out some tables at the 2021 Taste of UW Oshkosh. In 2022, the event has been rebranded as Titan Fest and includes games, food and more,

Cory Sparks, Former Editor-in-Chief

UW Oshkosh will host the newly named Titan Fest on Sept. 6 from Reeve Union to Swart Hall, and all students are encouraged to explore what different organizations have to offer.

With more than 150 organizations signed up for the event, students can join everything from organizations that relate to their majors to ones that pique their interest in other subjects they enjoy exploring. 

With a plethora of groups setting up tables with information and free items, Program Adviser for Campus and Civic Engagement Nicole BellCorelli said the event is meant to assemble a community together early in the school year.

“Titan Fest is a celebration of what campus and the community have to offer,” BellCorelli said. “We want students to come and spend time with those who are tabling, enjoy lunch, play some games and meet new people.”

While students can benefit from being a part of groups outside of class, organizations are able to use this semi-annual event for marketing and recruiting. 

Bailey Laird, a senior at Oshkosh who previously ran the booth for Titan TV as the station’s promotions director, said the occasion is effective in allowing clubs to get the word out about their group while students get to explore other ventures.

“This fest gives people a chance to put their club or organization in the public eye, for both new and incoming students,” Laird said. “It also helps current students looking to get involved in groups they may not have heard of.”

Formerly referred to as the Taste of UW Oshkosh, BellCorelli said the event was due for a new name. 

“Each fall is an opportunity to start fresh, and with another expansion of what we are offering at the event, it was the perfect time to re-brand,” she said.

While past gatherings have primarily been of different organizations setting up their stations to give a pitch on what they have to offer to the student body, there are now multiple incentives for students to get outside between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on the day before classes officially start on Sept. 7.

“New for 2022, we have stretched the footprint of the event from Reeve Union down to Swart Hall and the planetarium,” BellCorelli said. “Additionally, lunch on the lawn includes a large tent to eat in, a DJ and lawn games.” 

For those who are undecided on whether they should attend Titan Fest or not, Laird said it’s a great opportunity to get outdoors, meet others and learn about the community. 

“Definitely give it a shot,” he said. “It’s usually nice out when we do the fests, and you can get a lot of free merch and meet a lot of new people.”

While registration for organizations to sign up was back in May, groups that are interested can still get on the waiting list. 

BellCorelli said she sees tons of opportunities for students who come and explore Titan Fest.

“I highly encourage you to come on over and walk around,” she said. “There are lots of free giveaways at the tables, and you might make a connection that you would have missed.”