Google reveals Green Bay area’s top searches of 2022

Kelly Hueckman, Managing Editor

A person’s Google history can say a lot about them — but what about a whole region?

Apparently, it does; Google recently released their 2022 “Year in Review” for popular searches in the Green Bay area, which includes the Oshkosh area.

The report revealed that the area was the only region in the United States to have “dog adoption” as a top-trending “near me” search.

It also said that that the Green Bay area’s most-searched animal was the orchard oriole.

The Green Bay area was also one of only two regions with “lumber yard” as one of its top-trending “near me” searches, along with Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“Rice Krispies Treats” was the most popular recipe searched in the area, according to Google. They also reported country as the most-searched music genre in the area. 

The “Year in Review” report also revealed the top ten “near me” searches in the area. They are:

  1. Cheap gas near me
  2. Asian restaurant near me
  3. School closings near me
  4. Gas prices near me
  5. Best burgers near me
  6. Easter brunch near me
  7. Lumber yard near me
  8. Dog adoption near me
  9. Garage sales near me
  10. Concerts near me

On a global scale, the world seemed to enjoy the abundance of conflict Hollywood had to provide, with the top-searched actors being Will Smith and Chris Rock along with Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Jada Pinkett Smith also made the list.

Meanwhile, the top news search in the world was “Ukraine,” with “Queen Elizabeth passing” coming in second. 

Finally, the number one search in the world was Wordle, which peaked in February and garnered consistent daily searches through the end of 2022.