Improved mental health resources at UWO


Claudia Miller, Guest Writer

UW Oshkosh recently introduced new mental health resources for students, including access to three services: You at UWO, Mantra Health and UW Health 24/7. 

“I think it’s really cool that the counseling center doesn’t have to put as much of a strain on themselves and they’re able to offer an alternative to on-campus counseling,” Matt Cowen, a student at the UWO Fox-Cities campus said. 

You at UWO allows students to focus on aspects of their personal and school life that they want to improve. For instance, students can participate in self-check assessments to see what areas they need to work on, and where they are doing well. 

Sexual health, anxiety, sleep and de-stressing are among numerous topics students can set as priorities. 

Through You at UWO, students can also explore and set goals, such as mastering job interview skills, meeting someone new or creating a better sleep space. 

You at UWO provides a variety of articles written by college students across the country on various subjects, such as queer resilience, tips for avoiding procrastination and test-taking advice. 

It also includes links to other UWO resources, such as the Student Health Center, the campus events calendar and the UW Oshkosh libraries. 

Mantra Health, also linked within You at UWO, allows students to sign up to connect with a therapist for free. 

Through Mantra Health, students have access to a variety of virtual resources including therapy and psychiatry support when they sign up with their student email. 

After completing a series of questions about why they are seeking help, students can connect with a therapist online and set up telehealth appointments through Mantra Health. 

Students also now have access to after-hours support through UW Mental Health 24/7, which connects students to a free support line for help with mental health concerns and crisis management. 

“Now that I know these resources are there, I’m very much looking forward to looking into them and seeing what they have to offer, even just as a starting point,” Cowen said. 

You at UWO can be accessed at

Mantra Health can be accessed at 

UW Mental Health 24/7 support can be accessed by calling or texting (888) 531-2142 or for online support, visit

For other information about mental health resources and other student health services, students can visit