UWO hosts e-waste recycling collection today and Wednesday

Advance-Titan staff

UW Oshkosh will host a recycling collection for household and personal waste today and Wednesday at the Campus Services Building, 650 Witzel Ave.

The collection goes from 7:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. both days. Bins are set up to drop off your e-waste near the entrance of the Campus Services Building.

Accepted items Include cell phones, electrical cords and cables – power cords (cut off appliances), VGA cords, CAT-5 cables, desktop computer towers (CPUs), keyboards, mice, laptops, Chromebooks, hard drives/memory or RAM/boards, modems, servers, network switches, DVRs/cable boxes and game consoles.

Items not accepted, but that should still be recycled include computer monitors (CRT & flat), TVs, light bulbs, *rechargeable batteries, **alkaline and other disposable batteries, dehumidifiers, small and large household appliances, CDs, DVD players/VCRs, fax machines, computer speakers, digital clocks, digital cameras, digital watches, boombox stereos, headphones/earphones, GPS devices, printers, scanners, chargers (of all kinds) and MP3 players.

For more info on how to recycle these items, go to https://dnr.wi.gov/wastemgmt/wm/wmexternal/ShellReportViewer.aspx?RID=15.

*Lithium batteries, small rechargeable batteries, nickel-cadmium, the small round batteries (for a watch) should be recycled. They should be stored so that the terminals do not touch (small batteries tape over the terminals) .

**Regular alkaline batteries, dry-cell are permitted to be landfilled by the DNR.