Winnebago County to start siren testing April 1

Submitted news

Winnebago County’s outdoor warning sirens will be tested every Saturday at noon starting Saturday, April 1, 2023, and will continue through September 2023 (possibly longer, depending on weather).

Tests will be canceled if severe weather or other serious conditions are imminent.

The Winnebago County Office of Emergency Management reminds citizens that the outdoor warning sirens are designed to warn people who are  outdoors  that a severe weather situation is happening, or is likely to happen soon.  They should then seek shelter immediately inside a sturdy building.  Everyone should remain alert to the potential for rapidly changing weather conditions.

Citizens will enhance their severe-weather readiness by purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio. Weather radios may be available from local retailers. These handy radios turn on automatically when the National Weather Service issues weather warnings.

For more information, contact the Winnebago County Office of Emergency Management at (920) 236-7463.