Letter to the Editor

Aaron Wojciechowski

This OSA election is one of the most important student elections at UW Oshkosh. No, seriously!

The next OSA president and administration will have to provide leadership and competency while addressing two big changes: the merger within the UW system and budget difficulties, which will inevitably lead to cuts and/or major changes. These are changes that will have a tremendous impact on students. The next OSA president will need to be present at these conversations, speaking and fighting on behalf of students.

This is why I’m voting Brett Spangler for OSA president. As an OSA senator and local government representative, I have had the pleasure of working with Brett on a number of issues.

We worked together on creating and passing the DACA resolution which affirmed support for Dreamers. We introduced another resolution that affirmed support for all educators at UW Oshkosh during these uncertain times. We’ve also worked on a plethora of other issues. I know Brett. He has the passion, knowledge, and courage to stand up for students and make sure we have a seat at the table.

While one candidate bashes OSA, saying that it is a “privileged wheel of influence kept away from most students” and that “year after year our money is wasted,” Brett has been working to make OSA inclusive and fiscally responsible. In fact, since the beginning of the academic year, OSA has welcomed a handful of new clubs and five new senators. In addition, OSA reduced its budget spending by 16 percent.

While one candidate makes inflammatory comments about holding professors accountable, saying they are “here to help us and produce results, not build their resumes,” Brett has been meeting and talking with educators to work together in these difficult times. Brett reinforces his commitment to supporting our educators, not belittling them.

The next OSA president needs to be knowledgeable on all the issues facing the University. Brett has served on OSA since becoming a student here. He has served on many committees that directly affect students. Most recently he was chosen to become Vice President of OSA after the most recent transition of power. Brett is fighting on behalf of students at every direction. This election is too important to vote just based on popularity and name recognition alone. We have serious issues we are facing. UW Oshkosh needs strong leadership to help us through these difficult times.

Brett Spangler is the candidate that will lead OSA, students and UW Oshkosh in a positive direction. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Brett Spangler March 13 and 14. Thank you.