Letter to the Edior

Rachel Mazurek

I have never understood why using a meal plan at UW Oshkosh must be so complicated. The cheapest meal plan costs $90 a week for 15 meals (totaled at $6 per meal) and can only be used at Blackhawk Commons or Scotty’s Subs and Stuff on weekdays and Reeve on weekends. Theoretically, it sounds logical but taking a closer look brings new issues to light.

Student “A” is a communications major and attends classes all day at the Arts and Communications building with a few 10-minute breaks between classes. The walk from there to Blackhawk is at least seven minutes each way so he doesn’t have time to eat lunch.

Student “B” is a nursing major who spends all her time in the Nursing Education Building. She doesn’t have enough time to get to Blackhawk between her classes but Café Clow is in her building. However, her meal swipes are not accepted there. Consequently, both students must miss their prepaid lunch meal for classes.

This is reality for many students at UWO. As there are many corner stores or coffee shops spread throughout campus, a simple solution to this problem would be to allow students to use their meal swipes at any location. Just think of how much easier life would be if we could use a meal swipe anywhere for anything under that $6 mark!

This simple solution could radically change the way we use our meal plans. Students wouldn’t have to waste their time, meals or money and may focus better in class because they aren’t hungry. Smaller cafés would get more business and it would offer more variety for food options on campus. A streamlined meal plan process would greatly benefit UWO’s students, and if we all work together we can make this a reality.