Graffiti is an art form

Courtney Schuna, Columnist

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Courtney Schuna

Everyone has seen various types of graffiti around the world. Some believe it is vandalism, but it is actually a way for artists to express themselves.

In his article “Is Graffiti Art?” Edward A. Brown said he believes that graffiti is just another art form people can take part in.

“Art is what we call something when it carries significant human symbolic expression,” Brown wrote. “It’s all a question of degree, and there is good art, great art and bad art.”

UW Oshkosh freshman Alyssa Bates said she believes it is all about creativity.

“I think it can be an art form because it depends on how you want to portray your graffiti,” Bates said. “If it’s from an artistic level it can be a good thing. As long as you’re creative it doesn’t matter.”

UWO junior Anna Walker said she understands both sides of the argument on whether graffiti is an art form or vandalism.

“I’m from California where there is a strong culture of graffiti,” Walker said. “But I think in certain situations it can be extremely disrespectful.”

According to Brown, there is a way to remedy the debate.

“More sites that are legal should be encouraged, with a percent for art made available by the owner of the space in the same way that new buildings in some states give a percent for art as a mandatory requirement,” Brown wrote. “The owner needs to be a collaborator. With this plan, there would be no end of space to choose from.”

Artists should be able to use graffiti as an art form if they choose as long as they do it in a acceptable context and location.