Call to action to commuters: Stick around campus longer and study

Brock Hopkins

It’s a common trend if you are studying economics at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh that the “parking issue” will rear its ugly head in discussions. It often comes up when teaching supply and demand, and comes as a result of the many commuters (myself included) who attend the University each semester and take up the limited supply of parking spaces.

Commuting does have its downsides though, especially if you’re outside of the 20-or-so-mile radius. The justification to go back home can be very easy after your classes are complete and the chances are low of you coming back to campus after your journey home.

I want to make a call-to-action to any commuters, especially new commuters who read this — try to stick around campus if you don’t have any pressing matters. Utilize the refrigerator system in the commuter lounge if you pack a lunch and try out a local establishment occasionally. It’s important to support local businesses in your campus community! It can also be beneficial to grades.
A New York Times article on study practices cited research showing that students with varying degrees of stimuli during their studies have better recall on tests. So bolster the economies of the small town where your University is located, and get better grades while doing so!