Food & Drink: The best restaurants and bars near UWO

Jessica Rosga and Lauren Reidinger, Columnists

Fox River Brewing Company
1501 Arboretum Dr.

A classic restaurant for anyone who needs a large place to hold a group gathering is Fox River Brewing Company. FRBC brings a more formal environment but with prices that won’t break the bank. As someone who has celebrated numerous birthdays there, it is nothing short of a great experience for anyone’s special day.

Los Jaripeos
715 N. Main St.

Los Jaripeos is mostly known for their great drink prices including buy one, get one free margaritas on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Overall, Los Jaripeos is relatively close to campus and is a good bang for your buck on almost any night of the week.

Chester V’s
2505 Oregon St.

Chester V’s is a bit of walk without a car, but it’s a restaurant that will not disappoint. The brunch is outstanding; you can get bottomless mimosas along with food for roughly $20 on any Saturday or Sunday. Chester V’s also has a relaxing environment that makes you feel like you are not in Oshkosh anymore.

Molly McGuire’s
539 Campus Pl.

Molly’s is truly the coolest of the three bars near campus. It offers two bars inside, a dance floor, a VIP section above the main level and another level above the rest that looks over the entire bar.
Each spot in Molly’s is unique and exclusive, almost as if you’re in your own little room or area with your friends. I go to Molly’s so often now that I know the bouncers by name and they just let me in without showing an ID, which is really nice.

Molly’s offers ladies’ night on Wednesdays like Kelly’s. Molly’s also offers a special on Saturdays of $2.50 rail mixers until midnight. This is typically the bar my friends and I go to on Saturdays.
I’d recommend Molly’s to any freshman looking for a great bar experience — obviously freshman won’t be able to go for a few years, but at least they’ll know where to start.

French Quarter
539 High Ave.

French Quarter is also known as “French,” “Frenchies” or “Frenches.” Everyone has their own nickname for it, but I just call it “French.”
French has one of the largest dance floors out of the three campus bars and offers ladies’ night on Thursday nights, so once ladies are done drinking on Wednesdays, they can go drink for free again on Thursday at French!

French also offers what’s called “triple cripple” on Friday nights where you can purchase three rail mixers for only $5. It’s a great deal and you’re able to split the cost and share drinks with two others if you wanted only one at a time.

The dance floor is in the center of the bar on a lower level, so everyone surrounding you is above you watching, which can be intimidating at times, but when you’re having fun, who cares?

Kelly’s Bar
219 Wisconsin St.

The bar closest to campus is also the crappiest of them all. Kelly’s is a complete hole-in-the-wall disgusting bar that is over-crowded on the weekends.

It’s not typically a dance bar, and the majority of the crowd there has been going there since their freshman year and knows the owners.

Kelly’s has been around since my dad went to school here in the ‘80s. He described it the same way I do: crappy and a hole-in-the-wall.

Kelly’s offers ladies’ night on Wednesdays where girls drink free tap beers or rail mixers until midnight. I personally have never gone to Kelly’s for ladies night, but some of my friends have and they all agree that Kelly’s isn’t all that great.