Kwik Trip’s beer is a hit, but hard to find

Trevor Van Straten, Letter to the editor

Kwik Trip released their beer, called Glazer Bean, on Nov. 18. They partnered with the Wisconsin brewery, Karben4 Brewing, to create this donut- and coffee-inspired beer.

Kwik Trip only shipped out 1,900 cases of this new beverage, which is simply not enough supply to meet the demand. People want this product, as their post on Facebook received 3,800 likes. You can assume that the majority of people who liked the post want a case, so there is a supply shortage already.

The 3,800 Facebook likes doesn’t even include anyone whose friends told them about the beer, people that planned on getting but didn’t like the post or your everyday person who found it on the shelf and decided to buy it.

This problem personally affected me. My friends went to two Kwik Trips in Oshkosh to get our hands on some Glazer Bean beer.

The first Kwik Trip was a relatively small store on Ninth Avenue whose employees directed us to a bigger store on Jackson Street, which didn’t receive any Glazer Bean either.

This is poor marketing. Especially for a college town, you would want to ensure every store is carrying your new beer.

Kwik Trip has lost tons of money simply because they didn’t have enough of a supply in Oshkosh. Knowing about basic supply and demand, Kwik Trip could even start charging more than the $9.89 they are currently charging for a four-pack as there is currently more demand than supply.

The solution to this problem is simple: just brew more beer. If Kwik Trip produces more Glazer Bean beer, they would bring in more revenue, not just for the beer sales, but for any other purchases someone makes while they’re there.