Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor

The most romantic day of the year is finally upon us: Valentine’s Day.

The sweet smell of roses and carnations now fill the air while hearts seemingly adorn every inch of available wall space.

It’s the day to celebrate love and romance, and to show your loved ones how much you care and appreciate them. But above all else, Valentine’s Day is about giving and receiving presents.

There is no better way to showcase your love for someone than by giving them a romantic gift.

Now, whether you’ve been stumped on what to get your significant other this year, or you simply forgot about the holiday altogether these romantic gift ideas will ensure that your Valentine’s Day is a success.

FLOWERS:A classic.

Illustrations by Susan Lor

Flowers represent love, romance, passion and impermanence. Everything you want your relationship to represent. Signify how strong your commitment to your relationship is by giving your Valentine a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Because nothing says eternal love like withering flowers that you’ll have to throw away in a week after all the petals have turned brown and fallen off.

You could opt for fake flowers instead, but cheap plastic roses that you probably bought for a dollar doesn’t necessarily scream romance.

ROMANTIC COUPONS: Nothing says “I forgot to get you a gift” like crudely stapled together swatches of paper with generic good deeds that you should probably already be doing for your significant other.

Illustrations by Susan Lor

So, break out the construction paper and markers and jot down some thoughtful favors you’re willing to give out to your significant other at a moment’s notice.

Go ahead and write whatever ridiculously profound favors you can think of because no one has ever actually cashed these in. Your heartfelt message will be received with “thank you” and “how generous” only to be immediately lost in a pile of bills and old homework assignments never to be used or seen again.




SPA KIT: Pamper your loved one this Valentine’s Day with some pleasantly scented toiletries.

Illustrations by Susan Lor

A nice gift basket full of soap and perfumes is the perfect way to spoil your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This is a great gift for the special one in your life in need of some relaxation and sweet fragrances to brighten up their days, or for the ones that smell really bad but you just can’t figure out a way to break it to them without hurting their feelings.

Whichever one your Valentine is, you can assure this gift will be appreciated by your loved one. Not to mention everyone around you will probably thank you for helping to get rid of that terrible smell.

CHOCOLATE: This sweet, delectable treat is so unique that your loved one will never expect it.

Chocolate is a one-of-a-kind gift that your girlfriend or boyfriend will cherish for years to come.

The look on their face when you hand them a super-thoughtful box of chocolates will be priceless.

It will be such a special moment that the story of you giving it to them will be shared with your children and grandchildren and passed on for generations. Extra points if the box or the chocolates are shaped like hearts.

A TIE: Sleek, lavish, stylish.

Whether worn to a fancy occasion or to an office, a fashionable tie is a perfect gift for the (soon-to-be) man in your life.

Illustrations by Susan Lor

Apart from its practicality, a tie will be a wonderful reminder of you and your Valentine’s fleeting youth and inevitable entry into the soul-sucking workforce.

All those job interviews and late-night paperwork sessions to look forward to. Soon your fun college life will be over, meaning less parties and no more staying up all night playing video games only to slug over to class after downing two espresso shots and an energy drink.

Soon it’ll be mortgages, 401(k)s and credit card debt. And one day the guy you gave this tie to will come home from a stressful day at work and reminisce on his early 20’s when his college girlfriend gave him this cheap, ugly tie for Valentine’s Day.

BOTTLE OF WINE: Drink away the stress of coming up with a thoughtful last-minute Valentine’s Day gift by popping open a bottle of wine (or two) with your loved one.

Illustrations by Susan Lor

Head over to your nearest liquor department and pick out the cheapest bottle you can get your hands on.

Being a little inebriated will hopefully help ease the guilt of not getting your significant other an actual gift after they spent hundreds of dollars on a super romantic and thoughtful present.

Now pour out two glasses and cheers to the love you two share. Tell them the real gift is some quality time with you and that your love transcends gifts and hopefully they’ll buy it enough to keep you around until next Valentine’s Day. Maybe by then, you will have thought of an actual gift to buy them.