Clash Burger outshines Reeve Grill

Owen Peterson, Columnist

Last week, Clash Burger, the successor to Reeve Grill, celebrated its opening week in Reeve Memorial Union. After a week of giveaways and sampling at Clash Burger, it has emerged as one of the more solid options for dining at Reeve.

Not only is the food (mostly) good, but it also provides a good amount of food in return for your meal plan.

The standard meal plan order at Clash Burger provides an entrée (a three-piece chicken tender basket or a build-your-own burger), a side (fries, tater tots or a salad), a beverage and a dessert.

Some of the options on the menu include the burgers (as one would hope), the chicken sandwiches (especially the grilled option) and funnily enough, the fries.

I’ve never been a huge fan of french fries, but these ones stood out as an especially solid part of the menu. They’re basically what I imagine Culver’s french fries would taste like if they were actually good (sorry, but Culver’s fries have always been way too…“potatoey” for my liking).

The only food item that I found disappointing was the chicken tenders. Even setting aside their questionable appearance, the taste itself was very subpar. I would even go as far as to say that the chicken tenders they occasionally serve at Blackhawk are far superior (especially on a textural level).

The biggest surprise I encountered while eating at Clash Burger was the quality of the bun options. As someone who has suffered through the “buns” at Blackhawk quite frequently, I can safely say that the buns served at Clash Burger are comparatively gourmet.

Aside from the standard brioche bun, the lettuce wrap option also proved itself to be a pleasant surprise. The only problem with the lettuce wrap is that if you get through all the meat and veggies before the wrap itself, you just end up eating a handful of soggy lettuce, which is just as uncomfortable as it sounds.

In terms of the food options that require additional pay, you can upgrade to the steakhouse burger (+$0.90), a beyond burger patty (+$2.00) or a five piece chicken tender basket (+$2.25). In addition to these, the standard beverage can be replaced with a 12oz (+$2.00) or 16oz (+$2.96) shake.

Of these upgrades, a shake of either size is definitely worth trying at least once, but I would steer clear of the five-piece tenders, as it isn’t worth the additional cost (not to mention that paying $1.16 per tender is just incorrect as a matter of principle).

One of the potential downsides of choosing to eat at Clash Burger is that it takes a time to order and get your food. Every time that I have visited Reeve, Clash Burger has regularly displayed the longest lines (sometimes stretching all the way to Sub Stand during peak busyness). This is most likely due to the fact that it is the new place to eat and everyone wants to try it, so I would expect the line to get shorter as the semester goes on.

The time you will have to wait to actually get your food seems to depend mostly on what you order. When I ordered the chicken tenders, it took no more than two minutes, but all of my orders of burgers and chicken sandwiches have taken closer to six minutes.

Even with that wait time, Clash Burger is now one of the better dining options at Reeve due to the quality of the food, amount of food in one meal and variety of options on the menu.