How to reduce stress during midterms

Jessica Rosga, Columnist

As college students, it’s easy to become overwhelmed in just a matter of minutes. Going to class at sporadic hours of the day, working in between while managing other extracurricular activities can take a toll.

Although stress seems to be on high alert when midterms come around, there are always potential ways to help reduce it from becoming too much.

Take advantage of on-campus events.

The events are here for a reason, and that reason is you. Campus puts on numerous events for students to destress, to focus on other things for a while.

A classic example is the therapy dogs that come to campus.

Take advantage of this if you want to relax and pet some dogs! This event is usually huge during finals week.
Classic exercise always helps reduce stress.

Although some people may not want to go to the gym, going on a walk can help prevent stress. Walking, biking or running during the spring weather change can not only be a stress relief from schoolwork but a way for you to do something productive outside of a building.

Treat yourself.

Whether this is getting yourself lunch before your final or surrounding yourself with friends, there are places located near campus that can be a short walk for a treat. Erbert and Gerberts, Mahoneys and Takiza Mexican Cuisine are places to grab a bite to eat.

Take breaks from studying.

Studying is not an activity you should do for hours on end. Take breaks in between studying for classes. This can be an hour-long or 20 minutes, just take some time to walk away and decompress.

Prioritize and plan.

Although this can be difficult, plan ahead of time when you want to do certain things and stick to it. Planning a time and day to focus on certain classes or projects is a great way to reduce stress.

Thinking of what you need to get done beforehand is always helpful. Create a list if needed and cross them off as you go.

Stress is normal but helping keep it from becoming overwhelming is necessary. Follow these tips and you’ll be able to survive midterms with ease.