Tips to survive online classes

Jessica Rosga, Columnist

The week before spring break the world around us changed drastically. Businesses were closed, traveling was prohibited, social distancing was implemented and our way of learning has changed. With face to face classes being canceled and moved to online learning, stress, panic, and anxiety occur due to it being an unpleasant and unfamiliar territory. Although this is a hard and stressful time for most, there are a few ways to keep your focus.

Find a space to do your schoolwork

This is difficult as sometimes relaxing and school don’t always go hand in hand. Picking a certain spot in your home that just revolves around doing classes and homework may be helpful to keep a balance of pleasure and school.

Make specific time blocks of the day to complete work

If doing school at night is more your thing, go for it! If your classes are live, despite it sometimes being a struggle, make sure to go on at that time. Creating structure is key to making sure that you stay focused and successful.

Find a quiet place

If you’re used to listening to music while doing your homework, keep that same mindset going by doing the same study habits you had done before. Maybe going to a coffee shop to complete your work was what you did, but now make yourself a cup of coffee at home and find a nice quiet place to be able to finish your work.

Limit social media and stay off your phone

Stay off your phone when you are trying to finish your work. Your phone will still be there once your work is completed. If you have a MacBook, try muting your messages during a specific time period on your laptop so that the text messages do not come up on your screen.

Set Goals

Create a list or plan everyday of items that you want to finish that day. Sometimes it seems difficult to do this but a planner is still helpful even if your classes are now online. This way you are able to stay current with all items that you are hoping to complete.

Online learning is an adjustment but that does not mean it has to be struggling. Your professors, peers and friends still want you to be successful. Follow these tips to make sure that you can stay focused and driven during a time of uncertainty. Online learning is nothing to be afraid of, it just may take some time to get used to.