Staying relatively healthy in relatively fun ways during the coronapocalypse


Carter Uslabar/ The Advance-Titan — During the pandemic, there is no excuse not to take your dog for a walk.

Heidi Docter, Opinion Writer and Copy Editor

We have all seen the articles floating around about staying active during quarantine, but they’re all the same and they’re all BORING.

With most articles recommending things like “take a walk” and “stay hydrated,” I think we’re all getting sick of hearing the same few suggestions over and over again.

While those suggestions are important to follow, they are not the only ways to stay healthy and sane during quarantine.

So, the next time Netflix asks “Are You Still Watching?” it might be time to click “No” for a change and do something good for your body.

Just… Dance.

Remember your old pal Just Dance? Well, there’s no better time to blow the layer of dust off that prehistoric Wii and rekindle your love for those beloved Just Dance classics, like “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Rasputin” by Boney M. (unarguably the best song in the Just Dance universe). And if you don’t have a Wii, no problem! Most, if not all, Just Dance routines are on YouTube to stream for free. Just remember that if you’re using a computer or phone to stream the videos, you might want to think about covering your camera. Why give the webcam spies even more embarrassing blackmail material?

Plan healthy meals.

Utilize that extra time on the weekends to do something other than tweeting memes about Carol Baskin killing her husband. Quarantine is a great time to try new, and maybe time consuming, healthy(ish) meals that you otherwise might not have the patience to make. Try to use up the things you already have laying around – dig to the back of your cabinet and find a use for that dusty can of beans that’s been sitting there since you moved into your apartment. You can use websites like to find out what to make with the ingredients you have on hand.

Lift things around your house.

Missing the gym? There are plenty of items around your house that you can pick up and put down. Empty vessels like milk jugs, bottles and cans can be filled with anything from water to sand to ball bearings to create some homemade weights. If you’d rather not go through the trouble of crafting your own weights, find heavy objects around the house to use. Mom’s 10-pound bag of potatoes? Sure! That can of paint gathering dust in the corner of your basement? Absolutely! Your family’s overweight cat? Sure!

Play a drinking game with yourself.

With water, of course. Sick of plain old boring water? Spice it up! Not literally, of course. Spicy water sounds terrible. But throw in a few drops of water enhancer or a squeeze of lemon and challenge yourself to chug a small glass after each page of that essay you write or take a sip after each math problem you finish. Setting reminders on your phone can help you stick with it.

Play a social distancing sport.

If you have the equipment for it, tennis is a great sport to take up right now – it’s no contact (unless you’re an overly aggressive tennis player, I suppose) and you’re forced to stand, like, 50 feet away from the other player. Another fun option is to make a mini golf course in your home or backyard. Even if you don’t have a putter or golf ball, you can craft a club out of a long stick and a piece of cardboard taped to the bottom and use a giant jawbreaker (or anything small and round if you, for some reason, don’t have a giant jawbreaker lying around) for a golf ball. Use shoes, blankets, sticks and boxes to set up the barriers for a course in whatever space you have, and put cups on their side or hats for a hole.

Give your pet the play they want.

You finally have the time to take your overly energetic dog out for all the walks that good boy can handle. And if you have a cat, maybe it’s time to buy that cat harness you’ve been joking about for the past year and take the poor thing out for a spin. And if that doesn’t work, then it’s time to give in and buy that cat stroller. Just pretend you’re pushing around a child and no one will bat an eye. Probably.

We do know, however, that quarantine is a particularly difficult situation and students who’ve had their schedules completely turned upright might not have the energy or motivation to stay active right now. That’s OK too.

No matter if you can’t get out of bed or if you’re running 10 miles every day, be proud of yourself for doing whatever you need to do just to get through this.

And remember to reach out if you need support. From the wise words of my Wildcat idols, we’re all in this together.