Pros and cons of a semester with COVID

Owen Peterson, Opinion Editor

On Sept. 9, classes started up for what was sure to be an unorthodox fall semester. It has now been over a month since then, giving us a lot to reflect on.

Here is a not-so-serious look at some of the pros and cons of the way things have changed for this semester.

Pro: You can now actually differentiate the lines for each restaurant in Reeve Marketplace.
Con: You have to complete a literal maze to find any of them.

Pro: You don’t have to wait around for 15 minutes before your chicken sandwich from Clash Burger is ready.
Con: You have to wait 15 minutes before you can even come to wait for your chicken sandwich from Clash Burger.

Pro: The quality of food at Blackhawk Commons is just about the same.
Con: You have to eat it out of an ugly, green, glorified tupperware container.

Pro: You can now put your professor on 2x speed during lecture.
Con: No amount of speeding up in the world will make your Biological Anthropology lectures interesting.

Pro: You don’t even have to leave your bed to attend an 8 a.m. class.
Con: You still have to wake up for an 8 a.m.

Pro: A lot of open-note exams and quizzes.
Con: The professor gave you 10 minutes to complete 75 multiple choice questions and two essay questions.

Pro: Collaborate Ultra classes mean that you can do other stuff during class without the professor noticing.
Con: You forgot to turn off your camera and mic and now everyone feels awkward.

Pro: Blackhawk gave students reusable bags to use.
Con: The combination of bags and masks make students look like they are about to knock on your door and ask for candy.

Pro: COVID restrictions give you an excuse to not partake in any social interaction.
Con: Your parents are getting sick of your phone calls.

Pro: COVID testing is easy to schedule and a quick process.
Con: A cotton swab made you cry in front of a grown man.

Pro: You can attend lectures in the comfort of your own dorm.
Con: You can also hear all of your neighbors’ lectures at the same time because apparently, they have not yet discovered headphones.

Pro: More people staying inside means less sidewalk traffic.
Con: It looks and feels like a plague wiped out half of the campus.
Oh, wait…