Letter to the Editor: Changes coming for Black Friday

Jackie Korth, Letter Author

It’s one day of the year when people go crazy over unbelievable prices; this day is known as Black Friday. Black Friday always happens the day after Thanksgiving, but most stores open Thanksgiving evening.

This event has been going on for many years, but this year may be different due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With being a yearly Black Friday shopper, I noticed that over the past couple of years, the number of people going out has decreased, even before the COVID-19 outbreak.

This is most likely due to people having more access to the internet and online shopping; it’s more convenient for people to sit in their beds or wherever and buy gifts from their homes, especially with the pandemic going on.

This year hasn’t been a very memorable or good year since the start. With that, a lot of things have changed and had to be adjusted.

One of these things was the stores participating in the Black Friday sales. The different stores had to come up with a new way to keep their customers and employees safe from the spread of the virus.

Most of the stores started their sales early so the stores wouldn’t be so crowded during Black Friday; some stores started their sales a whole seven days before Black Friday, and some did the Fridays leading up to Black Friday starting at the beginning of November.

With stores doing this, when Black Friday came, the inside of the stores was not as packed as the previous years. People had space to walk around with their carts without it being so crowded and people didn’t have to wait in the checkout lines that wrapped around the store.

Also, the stores most likely had more shoppers come out during the week worth of sales since they didn’t have to come out for only one day and stand in the long lines waiting.

Like I’ve mentioned before, Black Friday usually starts the evening of Thanksgiving; but this year, most stores didn’t open until Black Friday. This gives the employees time to spend with their families before they have to go deal with the rush of the people. Most stores didn’t need to open so early anyway since their sales have been going on for a while.

On the other hand, it’s the one day a year you’ll be able to shop throughout the night into the next day; so why stop the tradition? I know people who would go Black Friday shopping just for the experience; they like to get up early, sit in the long lines and see everyone go crazy over the deals. But this year was different, it wasn’t like the past years.

With the changes of Black Friday this year due to the Covid-19 virus, how will the future Black Friday’s be run? Will they go back to how it used to be? Or will it be similar to this year since it seemed to work out well? I guess we will have to wait and find out next year!