Can I get some burger with that lettuce?

Megan LaFond, Staff Writer

Carter Uslabar / Advance-Titan
At Clash Burger, you can opt for a lettuce or brioche bun with your burger/chicken sandwich.

Dinner time… If you’re like me, dinner is the second most important meal of the day, for those of us that skip breakfast anyways.

After a day’s work of meetings and homework, nothing sounded better than grabbing dinner from Clash Burger located in Reeve Union. Clash Burger, on a scale from one to 10 on the allergen friendly scale, would rank as a five. I have lived the gluten-free lifestyle for more than five years due to allergies.

As someone who is on campus frequently, it’s important that I’m able to eat, especially because I’m incapable of being able to consume Ramen noodles like the average college student. It’s easily becoming more common to encounter someone who has omitted gluten from their diet.

From the perspective of someone who is gluten-free, Clash Burger isn’t all that accommodating. I ordered a barbecue bacon burger with all of my favorite toppings, like lettuce and mayo, but to my surprise there wasn’t a gluten free bun option, so I opted to order it wrapped in lettuce. The definition of “wrapped in lettuce” is really “let’s add two more giant pieces of lettuce to the top of the burger and call it good.”

Upon my meal being served to me, I went on a search for a knife and fork, knowing it would be impossible to eat my burger without it, because who would want to end up with a pile of barbecue sauce on their lap?

Of course it’s not common for a burger place to offer a knife, but I finally succeeded in my endeavor and then went to enjoy my dinner.

My fries were cooked to crispy and over-salted perfection, exactly how I like them. But my burger, well that’s another story. Finding my burger under all the lettuce was like trying to find honesty in a political race or a teardrop in the ocean. Eventually I did and it wasn’t a terrible burger, but it makes all the more difference when you don’t have to scavenge for the actual burger.

I am thankful that we have access to the dining services that we do, but I also wish that our school would be more accommodating to those who can’t eat what everyone else can. It may seem like a minor problem but being nourished and not going through class hungry is a key factor to succeeding.