Going back to normal classes will be hard

Maci McElwee, Letter Writer

If people think school is difficult now, they have another thing coming. It is often said that online schooling is difficult for many. However, I believe that the worst is yet to come. For many reasons, I believe that the transition from mostly online schooling to mostly in-person schooling will be a large issue for many.

As many of us know, many college students have relied a lot on their notes, the internet and other people when it comes to taking exams. I don’t see this transition going well, especially when it comes to the students who spent their first year mainly online.

College is an already stressful environment. Take away those resources, and things might not go so well.

It is going to be a whole new learning curve when it comes to relearning how to study for some students. Although there were other struggles due the pandemic, for some students, school wasn’t as much of one. Being able to lean on their notes, even if you were not supposed to, was a little breath of fresh air for students. This might actually end up making them worse off than if they had just studied more in the first place.

I have heard many stories from professors about how they have seen a major inflation of grades during the pandemic. Some students’ GPAs are higher than ever right now. However, once next semester hits and in person classes come around, people might be shocked at how their cumulative GPA gets hit.

How will this affect the university overall? Well, like I stated earlier, I believe that this is going to be a major shock for a large number of students. If all a student has ever known was cheating in college, not being able to use resources on exams and quizzes could cause people to begin to do worse in classes, and maybe even cause an increase in dropout rates.

An increased dropout rate will cause the university to lose a ton of money. How will this impact students tuition bills in the future years to come? I guess that is something we will have to find out.