Letter to the Editor – Leavitt should resign

Ron Marks, Retired UWO faculty member

If he has any integrity, Chancellor Andrew J. Leavitt of UW Oshkosh should resign.

UWO has experienced years of declining enrollments, faculty layoffs, salary cuts and a myriad of other cost reductions — The Chancellor’s solution to the difficulties? Spend a minimum of $750,000 on new uniforms for the marching band. Surely, this will relieve the problem.

Unquestionably, sacrificing the strength and quality of an institution for mere optics is a distinctively myopic solution. After all, in student surveys, new band uniforms topped students’ lists of desires for the university.

As a retired faculty member at UWO, I was under the impression, obviously mistaken, that our mission was to craft the citizens, leaders, and workforce of tomorrow.

Given perspective, I am sure the students would even agree. In the past, as retired UWO faculty, we have been asked to contribute to help resolve issues at the University. No more. I draw the line at band uniforms.