‘Euphoria’ driven by drama

Mattie Beck, Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor

“Euphoria,” HBO’s feature series has been gaining a lot of attention lately throughout all social media platforms.
Whether you’ve scrolled through TikTok, looked at tweets on Twitter, or even gone through Instagram posts recently, you’ve most likely seen some content for the show.

Courtesty of IMDb

This may have caused you to wonder: Why is this show so popular? Could it be the characters, the story, the plotline, or even the actors?

Personally I think it’s because of the drama that goes on throughout the show (fair warning: there are possible spoilers ahead).

Throughout the show, there is certainly not a dull moment when it comes to the drama that goes on.
The start of the second season certainly kicked off as one with plenty of drama, as at the opening party scene it’s revealed that a Casse is going after none other than her best friend, Maddy’s, ex-boyfriend.

Along with that, the self-proclaimed main character starts doing drugs after suffering from a horrid addiction that put her in the hospital, wrecking the audience’s hopes that she will start getting better.
This drama is what seems to be carrying the second season.
Why exactly does the drama keep people interested in the show? In my opinion, it’s because many of us don’t have (or want) this amount of drama in our own lives.
Therefore, in a sense, they’re living vicariously through the characters and personas presented in this show.
It’s the same idea as to why people watch reality TV shows — they love to watch this happen to other people, but not themselves.
There’s an intense atmosphere presented throughout the show with dark plots that no one would actually want to happen in their own lives.
Drug abuse, human trafficking, minors with sexual relations and more are found throughout the show, which all present scary topics to those of us outside of that realm.
“Euphoria” presents scenarios of intense drama that keep the audience wanting more and more, such as the fight that will evidently break out after Maddy finds out what Casse has been up to (spoiler, having sex with her ex).
To sum up everything I’ve presented throughout this article, why I think “Euphoria” is such a huge hit is due to the excess of drama that is found within the plot.
It’s fast-paced and includes a level of excitement that many people don’t find in their own lives.
“Euphoria” may only be in its second season but appears to be growing as a very popular show already.