Top 5 weirdest press releases from Trump

Kelly Hueckman, Staff Writer

Even after a loss in the 2020 presidential election, the “Office of Donald J. Trump” has continued to attempt to keep the nation updated whether they care or not.

The Advance-Titan email has been bombarded with up to three statements or press releases a day from Trump himself.

I’ve made a list of the five most bizarre emails the Advance-Titan has received from Trump in 2022.

“I don’t like people who brag!”

Or so Trump said, after releasing an official statement describing his hole in one, despite strong winds, on a golf course in West Palm Beach, Florida. He made sure to set the scene by dropping some of the biggest names in golf, such as Ernie Els and Gene Sauers. Trump said there was lots of “chatter” about the play, but, because he is a “modest individual,” people who care will have to really use their imagination to figure out who won the match.

Illustration by Kyra Slakes

Trump wins Stormy Daniels case

On March 18, the 9th Circuit Court issued a final ruling that porn star Stormy Daniels owes nearly $300,000 in legal fees to Trump. In his press release just days later, Trump gloated about the ruling, describing it as a “complete victory and vindication for, and of [him].” Daniels, on the other hand, said that Trump’s victory was based on a technicality, as she said her then-lawyer Michael Avenatti failed to file a notice of appeal within 30 days. While this claim was not mentioned in Trump’s statement, he made sure to remind people that he never had nor wanted to have an affair with Daniels, “even in her wildest imagination.”

Big golfer, big spender

Trump has shared his adoration for golf over a multitude of emails, but it was surprising to receive one on Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day promoting his golf course in Miami. This email was sent from a federal government-funded office provided by the Former Presidents Act, meaning Trump’s promotion of his golf course was at the expense of taxpayers. Although Trump’s statement begins with “I have just spent millions of dollars on the Blue Monster golf course,” Trump clearly couldn’t afford to advertise the “most exciting development in the country” on his own dime.

Media advisory after media advisory

Grasping onto relevancy, Trump has continued to alert the country each time he will be appearing on any piece of media. However, it should be noted that each of these media outlets interviewing Trump are known to be right-leaning. People receiving these media advisories have seen alerts on interviews with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Newsmax’s Rob Schmitt and Republican Sen. Rick Scott on his podcast, “NRSC Red Zone.” Trump has also promoted “Jessie Watters Primetime,” a right-leaning show featured on Fox News.

Melania’s NFTs

Joining the NFT craze, former first lady Melania Trump has had multiple endeavors selling digital artwork related to Donald Trump’s presidency. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital units of data that can be sold and traded. Once again, we can see this email is using taxpayer dollars to promote personal profit. Furthermore, these series of digital artworks have raised some questions as to whether the former First Lady is continuing to profit off Donald Trump’s time in office by selling NFTs. “Trump selling the PEOPLE’S HOUSE archives?!!” former adviser to the first lady Stephanie Winston Wolfjoff tweeted. “Is this Legal?”