Letter to the Editor: We are silent killers: ‘The earth is fed up’

Olivia Klessig

Over the past decade, the climate change crisis has taken a major spike and humans are mostly to blame for it.

According to an article written by NASA, “human activities (primarily the burning of fossil fuels) have fundamentally increased the concentration of greenhouse gasses in Earth’s atmosphere, warming the planet.”

The burning of fossil fuels has majorly impacted living conditions on earth.
Humans are to blame for the rising temperatures, less snowfall, shrinking ice sheets, rising sea levels and extreme weather events.

For example, a violent blanket of tornadoes caused catastrophic damage to most of western Kentucky in December 2021.

As stated in the online news article station WFPL by Ryan Van Velzer, “Determining the role of climate change in a single tornado is difficult, but climate change did play a role in the tornado system that hit Kentucky over the weekend, and extreme weather events like it will become more common as the planet warms.”

If we do not change our habits, this will likely be the reality we will start to face.

Enough is enough. The earth is fed up.
It has given us countless signs of warning, and it is starting to fight back.

Thankfully, some of the damage can still be fixed, but we must act now.
At the start of the COVID – 19 pandemic, the earth started to recover when there was a decrease in the emission of fossil fuels.

Some important campus alternatives to keep our planet green are to take advantage of the OZZI containers provided in Reeve Union, recycle your plastic and choose eco-friendly products.

The United Nations has stated 10 alternative solutions to help limit the effects of climate change as well.

Some that are recommended are walking, biking, taking public transportation, switching to an electric vehicle or choosing eco-friendly products.

We are the silent killers contributing to climate change, and we have to change our habits or the earth will go out before we do.