Letter to the Editor: Students need more on-campus parking

Chandler Brindley, Guest Columnist

It has come to my knowledge that our campus has a definite problem with parking.

I have heard and continue to hear about numerous instances where people have parked in lots during times that they thought they could park, and as a result they fall subject to the small cubed mobile that drives around looking to slap a fine under your windshield wiper. 

Moreover, I hear of tickets being written for the outlandish amounts of anywhere between $15 and $50 for some lots on campus. 

With the amount that we pay in tuition, and the extra fees that are thrown on the end of students’ accounts, I do not understand why the parking fines are so high.

Furthermore, I understand that there should be some policing as to where staff vs. students should park, but the majority of lots on the campus side of the river are not full. Yet, the parking office sends a plethora of students across the river to Egypt (Lot 39) to park. 

Why are we not filling up the lots on the campus side of the river before sending students to lot 39 and making them walk vulnerably back to campus. 

Finally, what is the use of East Hall Park? Wouldn’t this be a great use of a giant parking lot only for students?