Spoiler alert: These are the best rom-coms


Courtesy of Paramount pictures– Kate Hudson and Matthew McCohaughey co-star in the classic romantic comedy “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” (2003).

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Staff Writer

Everyone is guilty of watching at least one rom-com in their lifetime, and it’s OK to admit that you enjoyed it. 

And when you say that you watched it for the plot, it’s also OK to admit that “the plot” was Mathew McConaughey on a motorcycle in “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.” 

Romantic comedies have been giving us false hope, in the best way, for years. 

You aren’t alone if you had expectations of a guy confessing his love for you on New Years Eve in the way that Harry Burns did to Sally Albright. 

The humorous, lighthearted plots of rom-coms keep people watching, but the characters keep people coming back. 

I have no qualifications in movie critiquing, but I have watched a lot of movies — most of them being rom-coms.

 Therefore, I am going to present (in order) my top five romantic comedies that I could spend the rest of my life rewatching. 


  1. “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days” 

This may be the mother of all romantic comedies. What begins with a two-sided bet ends in both McConaughey and Hudson’s characters falling in love. 

From a love fern to Andie Anderson’s show-stopping yellow dress at the top of the staircase, this movie holds so much charm. 

It’s witty and heartbreaking, which encompasses everything a rom-com should be. Just one question, is all fair in love and war?


  1. “When Harry Met Sally”

The jazz music, the autumn scenery in New York City, the fashion. 

There is nothing that this movie didn’t nail on the head. I just want to know who dressed Billy Crystal. 

Throughout the movie I realized that Harry Burns was my style inspiration. “When Harry Met Sally” attempts to answer the question “Can men and women ever truly be just friends?”  

Meg Ryan as Sally Albright is so endearing, and the chemistry between the two had to have carried off screen.

 Harry Burns’ New Year’s stunt will forever be a new standard.


  1. “Set it Up” 

“Set it Up” advanced into my top three rom-coms the very first time I watched it. 

In a desperate attempt of two assistants to “set up” their bosses to lighten their workload, Glen Powell’s character, Charlie and Zoey Deutch’s character, Harper, end up falling in love. 

Powell and Deutch drunkenly sharing a pizza is something I never knew that I needed. 

Pete Davidson also makes an appearance as Charlie’s gay roommate, as if this movie couldn’t get any better. 


  1. “27 Dresses” 

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.

 Katherine Heigl’s character, Jane, has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. That’s 27 weddings but her own. 

When her younger sister falls in love with the same guy Jane loves, Jane quickly loses interest in wedding planning. 

Enter James Marsden as Kevin Doyle, famous wedding columnist, who uses Jane for his latest story. 

Jane and Kevin find themselves spending a lot of time together and even share a dance in a bar to the infamous song “Bennie And The Jets” (it was actually romantic). 

Inevitably, they fall in love, but Kevin still has a deadline to meet. 


  1. “Crazy Stupid Love”

Steve Carell is seen in a different light in this movie as Cal Weaver, a married man in his 40s faced with a sudden divorce and zero love life. 

Cal then meets Ryan Gosling’s flirtatious, playboy character, Jacob Palmer, who takes him by the hand and shows him the ways of dating. 

This is all fun and games until Cal realizes this isn’t the lifestyle for him — and when his daughter brings Jacob home to meet him. Spoiler: They’ve already met!

Rom-coms invoke all of the warm fuzzies watching two people fall in love. 

According to People Magazine, people like rom-coms because they know that everything will work out by the end credits. 

This calms our mind, letting us relax into the plot and get attached to the characters. 

Normally nothing shocking happens, which means it’s acceptable to become emotionally attached to the characters. 

So, as much as we have to blame these romantic comedies for raising our standards incredibly high, we will never stop adoring these cheesy love stories.