Letter to the editor: Give more on a student budget

Vinny Nowak, Guest Writer

Having just celebrated Thanksgiving, everyone’s attention is now turning to Christmas.  We love this holiday because it brings out one of our best qualities: the act of giving. 

Giving/showing gratitude is important for all of us to do. 

Besides showing love and appreciation for those closest to us, showing gratitude can help boost self-esteem and nurture positive mental health.  

However, this gift-giving season can also seem to leave many college students in a predicament. 

Most of us are very tight on money or have none at all. Does this mean we are off the hook, so to speak?  

Does being in college (and likely being strapped with debt and other expenses) give us a valid excuse to give cheaply? It certainly doesn’t, Scrooge!

We should give generously this Christmas, especially since there are many ways we can do it without spending money.  

If we’re able to spend money and buy our loved ones gifts, that’s always a good option.  

Though spending hurts a little at first, it’s always well worth it when we bring joy to our loved ones.  

Thankfully, if it’s hard or impossible for us to give in a monetary way, we can give generously with other things. 

Perhaps we can give the gift of our time by volunteering somewhere, which also looks great on your resume!  

Perhaps we can give the gift of our service by helping cook a meal or helping setup for a holiday celebration. 

Lastly, since we will likely be spending time with family, we can give the gift of listening. 

Put your phone down and go sit by grandma and ask her how she’s been; she’ll likely be shocked and deeply touched by your gesture. 

 However we choose to give this Christmas, we should all strive to give generously!