Friendly spring crawl reminders

From fellow UWO pub crawl veterans


Advance-Titan File Photo – According to Grieve Law, “In the state of Wisconsin, as of February 7, 2022, knowingly possessing or consuming alcohol from age 17-20 will result in a $100 forfeiture.”

Aubrie Selsmeyer, Opinion Editor

The term ‘pub crawl’ is no foreign word to UW Oshkosh students. It is the time of year when college students indulge themselves in alcohol from sunrise to sundown, hopping from house parties to front yards to bars. 

It is a given that many underage students will be partaking in this event, and since this is almost impossible to prevent, I figured a few friendly tips from pub crawl veterans may be helpful to have a good time and avoid a hefty fine. 

Advice from an anonymous UWO student urges you to pace yourself and not attempt to outdrink the people around you. Everyone has their own limits. 

“Do not try to keep up with your friends; everyone has different limits,” he said. “And make sure to eat throughout the day. Not only will it keep the party going, but it will allow you time to sober up and consider your plans clearheaded.”

The same student also encouraged you to treat cops politely during this time because they are simply trying to do their job to keep you and the community safe.

“Cops are your friends,” he said. “If you play stupid games you’ll win stupid prizes. [Police officers] are there to keep the public safe and you should treat them as such.” 

Another anonymous UWO student shared a story from a previous pub crawl experience where she learned a valuable lesson and hopes you don’t make the same mistake.

“Don’t walk across the street with an open bottle under your sweatshirt if there are three undercover cops sitting in a nearby undercover vehicle,” she said. 

During any event where there is drinking and large gatherings of people, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and most importantly, your drink – especially for females.

One student makes it a point to iterate how important it is that you are with a group of people that you can trust and advises you to not accept mixed drinks from strangers. 

“Start with a group of people, especially for women,” he said. “Drinking is directly related to sexual assault; make sure you are around ladies and men you trust. Do not take drinks from strangers unless you can, without a doubt, confirm that it is unopened.”

If you remember nothing, remember this: stay on lawns of people you know and do not step foot on public property holding an alcoholic beverage, because it is at this moment that you become fair game to the OPD (Oshkosh Police Department). 

Finally, if all else fails, an anonymous pub crawl veteran tells students that sometimes a foot race is the only shot you have at escaping an underage.

“If you see everyone start running in one direction, start running that way,” he said. “Don’t ask questions, just go.” 

With all of this being said – I hope you crack a cold one and find yourself in a lawn chair that has battled every element and should probably be thrown away this weekend. 

Stay safe, pace yourself and remember that you have a three-day long marathon ahead of you.