Embrace artificial intelligence

Jon Hesselman, Writer

In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, productivity tools like the artificial intelligence powered chatbot ChatGPT are becoming an essential part of the professional landscape.

Companies are benefiting from ChatGPT by freeing up workers to handle more complex issues while the model handles routine tasks. 

It can quickly sift through large amounts of data to facilitate data-driven decision making as well as create basic content. 

Overall it is becoming a common tool for professionals to increase productivity and improve outcomes. As such, it’s important for students to have the opportunity to use similar tools in their academic work to prepare them for the workforce.

ChatGPT can help facilitate menial work done by skilled individuals. It requires human input and subject knowledge of the task they are completing to be leveraged effectively. 

It does not replace the critical thinking required to complete work, but instead allows users to complete work more efficiently. ChatGPT is no different than students using spell check for grammar or a calculator for math. 

Similar to tools like Microsoft Word or Excel, using ChatGPT is a learned skill and requires experience and practice. 

By allowing students to incorporate ChatGPT into academic work, educators can help them learn the types of tools they will encounter in future careers.

Artificial intelligence will be the next tool in automation that will be critical for professionals to be competitive in their respective fields. 

It will likely become a tool as standard as Microsoft Office and likewise will enable experts to complete more work faster. 

By embracing this technology, we can help ensure that students are prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the modern workforce.