Letter to the Editor

Katie Sepe

Dear Editor,

As I have grown up, the world has become much more reliant on technology than ever before. People of all ages have become so dependent on their phones, computers and gaming systems that it has become a social norm to be constantly scrolling your phone or playing mindless games.

While being an active college student, it has become rare to see others doing homework or taking notes traditionally, rather than on laptops or tablets.
A big debate on our campus is whether the advancements of technology are more helpful or harmful.

Many times students are watching Netflix in class or scrolling through social media instead of taking notes or doing their work while sitting in class.

A number of academic articles have started to come out expressing how using technology in class is less effective than taking notes by hand and following along to the lecture.
Many students rely on the course material being posted online so they don’t even need to attend class.

When using laptops or tablets in class, it can become a distraction to others around you as well.

The level of distraction has become an interruption that needs to be solved.

There are many solutions that could help to decrease technology use by students on college campuses.

Many professors have started to make their classes technology-free environments, forcing students to put away their phones and other devices.

Another solution that can be helpful is the use of apps, like PocketPoints, that reward you for not using your phone on campus. It gives you different benefits of being a good student.
By putting down the technology, it creates a better-focused learning environment for all.