College athletes should be paid

Brennan Schneider, Letter to the editor

Who should be getting paid to play sports? In today’s society, we have access to all the sports knowledge we could possibly want to know, all accessible in a matter of seconds.

We can read articles, watch videos or even stay up to date with the current score of our favorite team’s game. Typically, professional and college sports are the main focus.

Many sports fans know a good number of professional athletes by name, one reason why they are getting paid the big bucks. Why don’t college athletes get paid to show off their skills with all the attention they receive on and off the clock?

Jonathan Taylor, the running back for the Wisconsin Badgers, is possibly in the running for the Heisman trophy this season. He gets paid nothing because the NCAA currently has regulations that don’t allow college athletes to be paid.

College athletes should be paid based on the amount of exposure they receive from the general public, along with playing their sport.

California is the first state to pass a law that will allow college athletes to get paid for endorsements, which will come into play in 2023. If the NCAA follows, we will be closer to allowing college athletes to get an income for their performances.

College coaches get paid more than enough money to make a living, using their athletes at a very small cost.

According to Sports Illustrated, Duke University coach Mike Krzyzewski made 8.89 million dollars a year to coach.

Krzyzewski is an unbelievable coach and knows the game of basketball very well, but how does he get paid so much money, yet the players that determine his success as a coach get paid nothing?

Duke is one of those teams that get some of the top recruits in the nation every year, players that should be making money because of how good they are, as well as how well they are known to the general public.

If college athletes end up getting paid soon, it could benefit the NCAA in many ways, one being bringing back the video games “NCAA Football” and “NCAA Basketball.”

The last “NCAA Football” was released in 2013, but got shut down because the players wanted to be paid since their names and likenesses were being used in the game. If the NCAA allows players to get paid for companies using their likenesses, they could bring back those games that were popular when they were still on the market.

One downside for fans if college athletes get paid would be a rise in ticket prices. If the ticket prices do rise, we might see a decrease in game attendance. This could affect universities if they all of a sudden cannot sell all their tickets to their games.

If the NCAA allows players to get paid, it will open many opportunities for the NCAA. Players would be able to be endorsed and open a new market for companies like Nike and Adidas.

The next step to get college athletes paid is for more states to follow California’s lead in passing laws.