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UWO respondes to Trump’s proposal to define sex


November 1, 2018

Last week the Trump administration announced a proposal to legally define gender as a “biological, immutable condition determined by genitalia at birth.” The proposal has faced backlash from the LGBTQ+ community with rallies being held over the weekend. There have also been several social...

Take time for mental health


October 25, 2018

Sleeping and eating are both healthy habits that should be considered important for college students to do throughout their time in school. However, not getting enough sleep and not eating seems to be more prominent for students and can sometimes be glamorized. A study by the University of Georgia...

Recent cases prompt action

Recent cases prompt action

Advance-Titan Staff

October 18, 2018

Professors are similar to parents in that they take on the role to care, guide and provide support. What happens when professors overstep that role, and what repercussions should they face? Obviously, what has happened with recent sexual harassment and assault cases on UW Oshkosh is not the perfect...

UWO transparency needs addressing


September 13, 2018

UW Oshkosh is transparent in most areas like academics, but scandals that have emerged raise doubt. One well-known scandal is the UWO Foundation lawsuit involving former Chancellor Richards Wells and former Vice Chancellor Thomas Sonnleitner. The UWO Foundation claimed bankruptcy in 2016 after...

UWO should use FusionGo

Joshua Mounts, Opinion Writer

May 3, 2018

In an ever-expanding technological world, mobile applications are an easy and effective way to support the concept of staying connected while on the go. In an article by Sam Costello on, it is said there were over 2.1 million apps in the Apple App Store as of March 2018, proving just...

Freedom of speech needed in all classes

The Advance-Titan

April 26, 2018

Students everywhere should feel comfortable to express their opinion on a topic in a classroom. They shouldn’t have to worry about how their classmates, or even professors, might respond to what they believe. While not every class is suited to sharing opinions, such as large science pit classes...

UWO can change its bad reputation

The Advance-Titan

April 12, 2018

All colleges are known for different things and have a variety of reputations — UW-Platteville for its engineering program, UW-Whitewater for its business college and athletics program, UW- Green Bay for being a small school with Division I sports. The list goes on. While here at UW Oshkosh, we...

Professors must take breaks into consideration for scheduling exams

The Advance Titan

April 5, 2018

During a long, relaxing break, the last thing a student needs is to panic and cram for an exam the day after break is over. Sadly, this is the case for some. Although there are many professors who understand students are unlikely to get work done during a break or long holiday, there are some who feel...

UWO sports attendance needs dramatic increase

The Advance-Titan

March 29, 2018

Go to almost any UW Oshkosh athletics game and the stands will consist of parents, family and a few friends of the players. There is a severe lack of UWO students in attendance. Even with the UWO football team making it to the championship game last school year and the men’s basketball team going...

Students need to take advantage of the many on campus events

Advance-Titan Staff

February 22, 2018

Some nights the only thing that sounds enjoyable is staying home and watching Netflix. However, it’s important for students to get out and enjoy events around campus, especially this time of year when it is cold and dark and life is typically pretty boring. Almost every week at UW Oshkosh there...

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