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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

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Independent Student Newspaper of UW Oshkosh Campuses

The Advance-Titan

These candidates deserve your vote

The Advance-Titan November 2, 2022

The Nov. 8 elections are just around the corner, and Wisconsin elections are split almost 50-50, according to recent CBS polls.  Although midterm elections do not garner as much media attention as...

Photo: Nolan Swenson / The Advance-Titan

Dobbs ruling is the first domino

With the recent Dobbs ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, abortion is not a right protected by the federal government for the first time in 50 years.  This means that abortion is not a criminal act by...

Dear Chancellor Leavitt, I was wrong

Joseph Schulz, Managing Editor December 9, 2020

Dear Chancellor Leavitt, I apologize. I was wrong. In an editorial earlier this semester, I predicted gloom and doom. I predicted that we would once again be sent home and forced to continue classes...

Foxconn unlikely to create blue-collar jobs

Joseph Schulz, Managing Editor November 4, 2020

When Scott Walker ran for Governor of Wisconsin in 2010, he ran on a fiscal responsibility platform, railing against government spending. He even went so far as to refer to a proposed high-speed train...

Photo by Carter Uslabar - A peaceful protest in Appleton

It’s time to put an end to racial violence

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor June 8, 2020

A firestorm has erupted across the nation and the world as protesters have taken to the streets to demand justice for the death of George Floyd and increased police accountability. The spark that ignited...

Graphic by Susan Lor

Speaking out about sexual assault

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor February 26, 2020

Allegations of sexual assault are often met with scrutiny when victims come forward with their traumatic experiences. Women who have been sexually assaulted often withhold reporting their attacks for...

Graphic by Tatum Spevacek

Respect gender-neutral pronouns

Sophia Voight, Opinion Editor February 12, 2020

The use of gender-neutral pronouns have risen in popularity in the past few years, as has the backlash towards their use and the people who use them. Pronouns such as they/them/theirs and ze/zir/zirs...

Fishnets & lipstick: Experiencing ‘Rocky Horror’

Fishnets & lipstick: Experiencing ‘Rocky Horror’

Leo Costello, Opinion Editor September 25, 2019

The Time Community Theater in downtown Oshkosh held its biggest annual event on Saturday: a screening of the 1975 cult classic, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” preceded by interactive games and...

Jaywalking into fines: When did crossing the street get so complicated?

Advance-Titan Staff September 19, 2019

“Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street!” Nearly all of us heard this from our parents as kids. The University Police at UW Oshkosh have been taking this idea one step further by...

student is served at sub connection

A’viands becomes UWO’s new food supplier

Advance-Titan Staff September 13, 2019

Veteran students at UW Oshkosh may have noticed a change of taste in the food on campus. Expert sniffers might have even noticed a slight change in the smell of the Reeve Marketplace. Your senses aren’t...

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