UWO steps up security for game day

Neal Hogden, Sports Editor

University Police has for the second straight year implemented extra security measures for game days.

The bag check process which debuted last season will continue this year. In past seasons, fans have been allowed to walk through the gate without a bag-check as officers supervise the gates.

UP Lt. Trent Martin said safety is the main concern and the department is not trying to lessen the experience of fans.

“We want to make sure fans are safe and comfortable at our football games. That is our No. 1 priority,” Martin said in a statement to UW Oshkosh athletics. “We are pleased to work with the Athletics Department on this admission procedure, which is designed to give fans a great experience and a high level of confidence in knowing that our facility is safe and secure.”

UW Oshkosh Athletic Director Darryl Sims said fan safety is very important and these new measures will assure that spectators are as safe as possible.

“Our guests are our most prized partners, and ensuring their safety is a top priority,” Sims said. “We believe that this bag check procedure is an important step towards enhancing public safety at our stadium. We have had a great collaboration with the University Police over the years and this safety program is just another example of our outstanding relationship.”

To avoid a long inspection, fans are asked to keep bags loosely packed and in clear containers if possible. If a fan brings a bag that is not permitted, there will be no check-in area for those bags.