UW Oshkosh standout receives contract to play overseas

Neal Hogden, Sports Editor

Former UW Oshkosh men’s basketball standout Brett Wittchow has been given a contract to play overseas in Olpe, Germany.

Wittchow, a 2018 UWO graduate, will be suiting up for TVO Biggesee as a shooting guard after the team’s starting shooting guard broke his hand during the season.

He spent the better part of a month with the Wisconsin Blaze Pro team out of Appleton before being signed by TVO Biggesee.

Wittchow said playing for the Blaze allowed him to get his name out there and gave him the opportunity to play professionally.

“As an aspiring professional basketball player, the situation couldn’t have worked out better,” Wittchow said. “I was given as good of a support system as anyone could ask for, including top-of-the-line facilities and trainers.

However, even with all of this support I was still missing something: a team. Wisconsin Blaze Pro is more than a basketball team; it’s a family.”

At UWO, Wittchow averaged 10.3 points per game over his career and also helped lead the team to a national championship last season.

During the national semifinal of last year’s Division III national tournament, Wittchow scored 21 points on 4 of 5 shooting from the 3-point line.

He finished 17th in points scored and 10th in 3-pointers made in UW Oshkosh history.

Wittchow’s highlight of his short stint as a part of the Blaze came on Nov. 10 when he went for 44 points against the Vipers Pro basketball team of Illinois. The Blaze won the game 124-110.

Wisconsin Blaze general manager Ally Gwidt said the Blaze forced Wittchow to get better and it will ultimately benefit him in the long run.

“Brett is a phenomenal offensive threat,” Gwidt said. “With our program he was challenged to not only expand his game, but physically he was forced to play bigger than he is. Between growing with the team and having the natural skillset he does, it wasn’t a surprise to see him pursue his work overseas.”

Gwidt said the team will miss him, but the Blaze are proud to be a part of his professional opportunity.
“His talents deserve to be showcased at the professional level, and as an organization we are honored to have been a part of his journey,” Gwidt said.

Wittchow said the competition he saw during games and at practice helped him prepare for his professional career.

“I faced legit competition every single practice and was able to compete in real, intense, meaningful games,” Wittchow said. “It kept my mind and body in it’s absolute most elite state, meaning I was ready as soon as my call came to travel to Germany and start my overseas professional career. Wisconsin Blaze Pro will always be family for me, and for that I’m thankful.