The (basketball) boys are back in town

Nolan Swenson, Sports Editor

With the conclusion of fall sports coming up, winter sports are coming hot on their trail. A new season of sports is coming out of the COVID-19 shadow, namely men’s basketball. In an interview with head coach Matthew Lewis, we discussed several aspects of the past; and more so the future and how they plan to build up.

April Lee / Advance-Titan Archives
Hunter Plamann, center, averaged 15.6 points per game last season.

When prompted on the off season and the differences between then and now, Lewis had this to say, “Guys had access to facilities that weren’t possible during the 2020 season. All have made great strides, and there has been a lot of improvement.” He also added onto the sentiment of physical strides by saying, “The goal of the off season was to be as strong and healthy as possible.”

As much as physicality plays a role in endurance-laced basketball, it can’t be all there is to a team, which in the case of UW Oshkosh men’s basketball it is most certainly not. Coach Lewis made this a stark point by saying, “we have a really competitive group with 17 guys on the roster. Practices are intense and competitive with very selfless and versatile players, who have a good diversity of size.” The incoming culture of selflessness and versatility merges well with the program’s already existing culture, leading to what we all hope is an amazing season.

Basketball’s first game in nearly two years of off season will take place Nov. 6 against Augustana College. This will be the first game in nearly two years, but also the first for the freshman, who Lewis is very confident in. When asked about how he liked the team and how he felt coming into their first collegiate match in a bit over a weeks’ time, Jacob Townsend said, “I’m excited. Everyone around the team is very inviting. I think its cool that we all have the same goal this season, which is to continue the success of Titan basketball.”