Titans pull off wins against conference foes

Nolan Swenson, Sports Editor

Kyra Slakes / Advance-Titan
Guard Jenna Jorgensen surveys the court in UWO’s 65-55 win against Stevens Point on Feb. 9

On February 9, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s women’s basketball team faced off against the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Up until this point in the season, the two schools had yet to face each other due to COVID-19 related cancellations. The recall of the game, in addition to the incoming championships, led to a lively pace for the entire duration of the game.

UWO went into the game with confidence having already won every home game before it. leading to a palpable swagger compared to the less impressive record held by the pointers. This confidence came both on the court and in the bleachers as the team was supported by the new pep band: Titan Thunder. Players and coaches alike enjoyed the energy supplied by the band. “I can’t say enough good things about them,” said coach Brad Fischer. However, this swagger is not a direct correlation to playing ability, which makes UW Oshkosh women’s basketball a great team in three respects.

When it came to the team coordination, UWO faced a minor disadvantage due to two starting players being down. Nonetheless, UWO our team utilized it as a stepping stone in order to better situate the rookies to the pressure of the game. Jaden Kolinski cited the welcoming and instructive nature of being a rookie on the starting five as being very encouraging, respectful and creating a great team environment. This element of respect for all players is felt at all stages of the team, whether it be rookies, back-ups, starters, or even the coach. Coach Fischer shows this belief to a tee as he acknowledges the importance of women who are able to step up in their times of struggle.

As important as confidence and teamwork are, that alone won’t win championships. In the first half,UWO established a great defense, however, it began to dip by the end of the fourth quarter and resulted in a win by a deficit of ten points. The game resulted in a score of 65 to 55 in UWO’s ninth home win of this season.

Beyond the game, a fundraiser was held in order to benefit METAvivor; a group dedicated to assisting those who suffer from metastatic breast cancer. Aid was generated not only in the forms of a silent auction and bracelets available for purchase but also a ‘miracle minute’, which consisted of parents attempting to muster up as many donations from the crowd in a minute. All aspects were incredibly supported by both staff and fans, and many had lended a hand to support METAvivor. After the game, a man holding a pink basketball was subsequently asked by his wife how much he spent. When asked he said, “150.” This spirit of communal giving was echoed by many with silent auctions for basketball memorabilia, all culminating into an excellent night with what makes Oshkosh great.