A Tale of Two Seasons

Nolan Swenson, Co-Sports Editor

The main season of women’s basketball was a conclusion showing intense grit that carried into the last second of possession of the ball in a difficult win over UW-Whitewater’s Warhawks. This game was the last of the main season and the most recent game on Monday against UW-Lacrosse solidified that grit, netting another game against UW-Whitewater on Wednesday.

Kyra Slakes / Advance-Titan
Ava Douglas pushes past UW-Whitewater defenses to the net.

The first mentioned game against UWW was a neck and neck game throughout its duration, with whitewater carrying a small lead throughout the first three quarters; however, the scoreboard doesn’t lie as the game resulted in a 60 to 57 win for the Titans. Although the UWO women’s basketball put in great effort, assistant coach, and director of development for athletics, Matt Kelliher believes that the resilience shown was great, and their score of 23-11 in the fourth quarter was impressive; but it wasn’t their best basketball. He attributes that statement to the feeling that they still have yet to truly play their best basketball, as he still feels there is room for growth and improvement, especially in the do or die run of postseason.

The second game of the week against UW-Lacrosse showed massive improvement in comparison to their previous game against the Falcons, as the previous game was a win of 55-49 in comparison to 65-50. The game was not all success, as at times the win was not exactly a pretty one. Head coach Brad Fischer, though proud of the team’s victory, does not plan to overlook sloppiness that took place in the game. He showed this sentiment by saying, “the types of mistakes we made at times were things I think we had already discussed.” But he understands that despite some mental mistakes the effort put in by the women’s basketball team is astonishing. He sees this through their constant fight despite the injuries they have sustained over the season, saying, “we’re beat up injury wise, everybody’s got a wrap or a brace, and I love the kids’ toughness.”

This win has set the Titans on a collision course with UW-Whitewater who has received two byes in a row, giving them both the ability to recover and focus on who they could be competing against in the semi-finals. Undoubtedly this is a tough team which we have to fight tooth and nail in order to advance to the finals, but it’s UWO’s fight to win.

Due to the process of printing, the Advance Titan will be unable to provide a report for the game on Wednesday; however, readers will be able to find the scores and statistics on the UWO athletics website.